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When it comes to European porn, there’s Private and Marc Dorcel . . . and then there’s everybody else! This Barcelona-based brand has grown from its origins as a Swedish porn magazine to its current incarnation as porn filmmaker behemoth. (Read more about Private here.)  VOD movies from this famous brand are on sale at Adult Empire for a limited time (through 4/29)! Check out some highlight picks:

40th Anniversary: The Ultimate Anthology 1965 - 2005 porn video from Private.40th Anniversary: The Ultimate Anthology 1965 – 2005

What better spot to start out than a compilation that draws from the company’s first 40 years? With a whirlwind of footage and dramatic narration, the opening montage gives you a full sense of the scope of Private’s ambitions to be far more than just a porn studio. After a potted history of the company, its publications, and its line of audiovisual pornography, the video segues into a dizzying lineup of greatest hits drawn from Private’s archives (technically from 1990 to 2005, rather than the 40 years of the title, since Private did not start out producing film/video content until the ’90s). The emphasis is sex with a strong sense of the exotic, taking place on beaches, boats, and other luxurious locations. Skip to scene 16 to see Dana Vespoli in an early role! (Our friends over at XCritic created a complete rundown of the source and year of each scene included in this mammoth compilation. It makes for a useful guide to navigate the wide range of material covered.)

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Billionaire porn video from Private.Billionaire

Private Gold released the popular Millionaire movies in 2004, but by the time 2008 rolled around, inflation added some more zeroes to the bottom line. Whether the result is a thousand times sexier is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s little doubt Billionaire embodies the best characteristics of Private: luxury and sex walking hand in hand. The original Millionaire videos chronicled globe-trotting adventures during a crazed search for lost gold, and Billionaire continues in the same larger-than-life vein. It was even produced under the Private “Blockbusters” banner to emphasize the big-budget nature of the material. Simone Style and Sonia Red get involved in a particularly memorable threesome in scene three!

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The Private Gladiator porn video from Private.The Private Gladiator

Long before Pirates demonstrated the full scope of what a costumed porn movie could do, The Private Gladiator spoofed another Hollywood hit known for its spectacle and sweep. A young and strapping Toni Ribas steps into the Russell Crowe role, and the milieu and atmosphere of the sex scenes call to mind XXX classics like Penthouse’s infamous Caligula. Two sequels followed, both with Ribas returning to the leading role. Are you not entertained?

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Mountain Crush porn video from LesbianX.Mountain Crush

It’s often said that a good way to spice up your sex life is simply to change the venue. Something as basic as getting away to a classy hotel for a weekend can add some zest to a sex life that’s beginning to get routine. Mountain Crush demonstrates that the same is true of porn movies! This indelible effort takes Private’s usual elegant sex scenes and situates them in a variety of eye-popping mountain locales. You’ll probably never receive a blowjob as a reward for mountaineering up a sharp cliff, but thanks to Private, even a wild fantasy like that can come true. (See scene three, featuring Julia Roca in just such a scenario, with the town visible in the background thousands of feet below.) (Read more about Mountain Crush and its sequel here.)


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