The Rundown: ‘My Mom’s Love Triangle’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

Momma’s gotta have a life too and these moms are making sure they pack as much fun into their lives as possible. My Mom’s Love Triangle is all about FFM threesomes, where sharing is caring and every cock is served a little extra attention. Production quality and camera angles are superb, and while the script acting leave more to be desired it’s still a super fun light hearted taboo flick with something for everyone to enjoy. The cast is incredibly hot and most importantly the sex is great making this a hit in my book.

Scene Highlights

Eve Marlowe and Summer Vixen are trying to watch the game with their step son but they quickly get bored and start playing around with a football in front of the television. Poor kid can’t see and tries to intercept the ball but ends up grabbing Eve’s boobs instead, which naturally leads to them deciding to teach him a lesson that ends with cum all over the place. He’s incredibly embarrassed, but already turned on and tries the oldest trick in the book. He sticks his dick through the cheese balls bucket and waits for them to touch it. The horror on their faces is hilarious, but it doesn’t last long because before you can blink Eve is titty fucking the shit out of young boi. Summer is a little shocked but eventually she joins in on the action and nobody is bored with the football game anymore. Watching the game with your moms just took on a whole new meaning.

Kendra Cole and Diana Grace are straightening up the living room, a task that always seems to fall on mom, when they begin discussing their messy stepson. Sick and tired of his bullshit they decide to make him help out around the house. It doesn’t go exactly as planned but they seem to be figuring it out when Diana request to see his dick. Kendra is completely against it but falls in line while watching her girlfriend suck off their stepson. Things quickly escalate from there and before you know it we’re in pound town teaching that rude little shit how to lay pipe down. They tease and talk shit to him the whole time, something I found very entertaining and sexy in it’s own right, but they let him cum all over them as long as he promises not to tell his dad.

When Madison Summer and Scarlett Mae catch their stepson jerking off in the living room again they’re convinced dude has a problem and they’re sick of cleaning his nasty jizz stains off the couch. Initially they want to rat him out to his dad, but as they think about it they decide it might be better to just help him out by throwing him a quick handjob. At first he’s a little skeptical but when they both stand up and flash him you know he’s way out of his league. They play with each other before turning their attention to his rock hard dick, sucking his shaft and balls like two women truly out to teach a lesson. After working themselves up they want more than to just touch it, so they take turns riding him cowgirl, much to his pleasure, and when it all said and done I think all three had the time of their lives.

Ashley Wolf is tired of walking in on her stepson and his girlfriend Khloe Kapri fooling around. She thinks they’re too young and need to focus more on school, but of course they don’t agree. Khloe is the bad influence in this one and I love it! She begs her boyfriend to keep going even though his mom just busted his balls, and when he can’t refuse her they all pay the price. Mom walks back in and this time the party doesn’t stop. She finds herself getting turned on watching these little assholes so she joins in and shows them how a grown woman does it. She swallows his cock as Khloe looks on taking mental notes, and she takes that teenage dick like a champ, throwing it back at him every time he thrusts forward. Mom and girlfriend are finally getting along but I don’t even think that’s the highlight of the day as drops his load and they take turns swapping the cum around.


“Your father is going to kick you ass when he comes home and finds out you touched your step-mom’s boobs!” -Summer Vixen

Why We Love It

Nubiles gives us a creative, fun, easy flick in My Mom’s Love Triangle. There’s something for everyone to love between the cheesy hilarious storylines, the all star cast, the sex itself and the fact that it looks amazing in high definition. The scenes are short and to the point but they don’t feel rushed or ignored. I enjoyed this movie a ton because it lightly plays with the taboo fantasy of banging your stepmom with one of her hot friends or maybe your stepsister, and it brings it life in a sex way that’s sure to get you where you’re trying to go.

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