Valentina Fox strikes a pose.

Podcast: Valentina Fox Interview

Valentina Fox will make you beg her to drain your bank account. You’ll implore her to let you come and she’ll say no over and over again. She’ll leave you with a ridiculous “goon” face. She may even inspire you to do unimaginable things with tacos. (More on that later.) And you will just keep […]

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Axel Braun presents Star Wars XXX.

The ‘Star Wars’ Porn Sequel That Never Was

The Empire Strikes Back (1980) ends with one of the most famous cliffhangers in film history. Porn’s Star Wars XXX (2011) ended with an implicit one of its own: when would the sequel be released? Part one was, after all, one of the most popular porn movies of all time, earning bestseller status, a shelf […]

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Pornstar Pierce Paris poses in a studio photo.

Pierce Paris Interview: Attaining the Mental Edge

The name is Paris. Pierce Paris. With a name that’s half 007 actor and half thrilling city, Pierce Paris was practically pre-destined to project suave, urbane sophistication. His measurements, touted on his X bio, also speak for themselves: over six feet tall, and 9.5 inches. But Paris’s talents transcend his physical gifts, including a mastery […]

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Harry Sparks and Anna Claire Clouds discuss The Visitor.

Podcast: Anna Claire Clouds & Harry Sparks Talk ‘The Visitor’

Like its title character, The Visitor is not easily characterized. On the surface, it’s a science-fiction movie about an alien who lands on Earth. But it’s also a touching romance about two lost souls, a playful comedy with subtle physical byplay, and a government conspiracy thriller. “Plus, there’s a lot of really good sex,” jokes […]

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