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Private Goes Public: Famous Euro Studio Joins Unlimited

It turns out that quite a lot happens in Private.

The famous European studio is more than just a purveyor of high-class pornography. It’s also a brand and mystique in and of itself. With roots that stretch all the way back to the heyday of the sexual revolution, Private claims a rich history in adult entertainment that few others can rival. Along with Marc Dorcel, Private is the most dominant porn brand in Europe. You can now access porn videos from the Private library on Adult Empire Unlimited!

Private began in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1965 as the world’s first full-color hardcore magazine, the brainchild of erotic bookshop owner Berth Milton. This was the same year Bob Guccione introduced Penthouse Magazine and 12 years after Hugh Hefner unleashed Playboy on the world, but Private was a different breed. Unlike prior hardcore magazines, which were typically black and white, Private offered sexy photospreads in glorious full color. When obscenity laws in Sweden shifted such that Milton could depict a level of explicit action never before seen, the magazine’s popularity skyrockted. (Milton never deposited in the bank the vast earnings he made from the magazine. Instead, he stowed them under his bed. Soon he had black trash bags filled with world currency sitting around his apartment.)

Private’s original logo

Eventually, the company was taken over by Berth Milton, Jr., and expanded to video production, starting with Private Video Magazine in 1991. Private moved forward with numerous ambitious undertakings in the ’90s, including its own fashion line and a Private-branded energy drink. (Yes, an energy drink! It was called Private Dynamite and “if you feel a little bit tired, you take your Private Dynamite and drink it and you’ll feel more awake,” according to Private rep Ola Nicolausson in a 1999 documentary. The company served the special beverage at its fashion show in 2001.) The Millionaire (an erotic adventure about a search for Nazi gold) and Private Gladiator (a porn takeoff of the mainstream epic Gladiator) series are among Private’s most famous and bestselling movies. Their scenarios are always imbued with a sense of luxury, including use of exotic and unusual locations (such as mountainsides in Mountain Crush). European faves like Aletta Ocean, Anissa Kate, and Simony Diamond are among Private’s most frequent collaborators. Private is now based in Barcelona, Spain.

Unlike most porn studios, Private is a publicly traded company, meaning you’ll find it rubbing shoulders with Apple and Facebook on sites like Bloomberg. Expand your porn portfolio by browsing Private on Unlimited here. (Not an Unlimited member? Learn more and join here.)

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