Titwoman v Titwoman

First Look: Elegant Angel’s ‘Titwoman Vs. Titwoman’

Porn studio Elegant Angel dropped the trailer for its new porn movie Titwoman Vs. Titwoman,¬†starring Blake Blossom and Octavia Red. It starts with a dramatic showdown between Blake and Octavia, both the new Titwoman, both battling for tit supremacy. They stand across from each other dressed in black laced outfits that reveal everything underneath, including their behemoth tits ready to escape and cause destruction at any moment. They meet in the middle like two cowgirls at sundown, “so you’re the sexy bitch I’ve been hearing about,” Blake says to Octavia. “They say the same about you,” Octavia retorts, and we’re off to the races. They continue to trade flirtatious and explicit barbs until leaning in to kiss, and then the trailer fades to black.

It’s an impressive build of suspense and shockingly restrained for a porn trailer, which aids in its effectiveness. The tension is so great that the imagination creates the anticipation for you. Without seeing any sex in the trailer, we can only fantasize about what it will be like when those four big fat tits collide in a no holds barred sextravangza. It’s a big swing with a lot of hype to live up to, but it’s necessary to create interest with such big shoes to fill. Or should I say big tits to fill?

Elegant Angel’s previous Titwoman was none other than Angela White, international porn superstar known for her creamy Australian accent and massive, undefeated tits. Titwoman Vs. Titwoman¬†aims to introduce new Titwomen and revitalize in the franchise in a fun an exciting way.

Watch Titwoman Vs. Titwoman on Adult Empire on May 2.

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