Romi Rain Goes Blond!

A change in hairstyle can have a surprisingly dramatic impact on a person’s behavior and attitude. Adopt a conservative look, and it won’t be too surprising if you begin behaving in a more buttoned-down, conservative manner. Try out a wild new ‘do, and you might find yourself channeling flamboyant aspects of your personality that you […]

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Karla Lane pornstar

Catching Up With . . . Karla Lane

We’ve interviewed the enthusiastic, energetic Karla Lane several times over the years: an audio podcast, a sitdown and game session at AVN, a written Q&A, and more. We’re always impressed by her up-tempo demeanor and pure love of life! That’s why it was a delight to chat with her once again for an update on […]

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Batwoman porn video

‘Charlotte Stokely on Shooting Porn in a Superhero Costume’ (VIDEO)

If you look at behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Keaton in his world-famous Batman role, he looks absolutely miserable. Life in the Batsuit isn’t fun! You can’t hear, it’s stiflingly hot, and a quick bathroom break is essentially impossible. Such are the rigors of embodying an onscreen superhero! Pornstar Charlotte Stokely knows these woes all too […]

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Britney Amber pornstar

Britney Amber Video Interview (Full-Length Version)

If there’s one thing that defines Britney Amber, both in this interview and in her career in general, it’s pure energy. Her enthusiasm for everything she discusses is absolutely contagious! See for yourself in this full-length version of our interview with the star, which expands several clips we recently debuted on the Adult Empire YouTube […]

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Angela White pornstar

Angela White: From ‘Finally Fucks’ to ‘Dark Side’ (Porn Double Feature)

“Porn Double Feature” is a blog series that pairs two adult movies with thematic connections that make them ideal back-to-back viewing.  It was once said of a former French president that he was a person from the day before yesterday as well as a person from the day after tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like Angela […]

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Brandi Love pornstar

‘Pornstar Brandi Love Discusses Swinging’ (VIDEO)

Thinking swinging might be the right path to revitalize your relationship? Brandi Love and husband, Chris, found themselves entering into the wild and wonderful world of swingers after they’d been married for a time. In this interview clip, Love discusses her perspective on the swinging subculture. Transcript: Again, I’ve got to tell you — communication. […]

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