‘The Dirty Lowdown : Sex World’ (NEW Video Review Series)

Imagine a freewheeling sexual paradise where all of your naughty fantasies could be brought to life. That’s the scenario presented in Sex World, a 1970s porn classic that spoofed Michael Crichton’s Westworld long before HBO revamped it into an ultra-violent, sexed-up TV series. In the first edition of The Dirty Lowdown, Adult Empire’s hilarious new […]

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Swapping Wives porn video

Porn Movie Review: ‘Swapping Wives’

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Adult Empire reviewer Willy Milano. Swapping Wives from ArchAngel and director MimeFreak is a movie that looked interesting until I noticed that we’re not going to watch foursomes in each scene. I think the movie is a feature in which the couples are going to “swap partners,” but […]

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Chelsea reviews flavored lubes

Chelsea Taste-Tests Flavored Lubes

If these lubes look so scrumptious they almost seem edible . . . well, that’s because they are! Steer clear of the Tide pods, kiddos, and get a taste of System JO’s Flavor Collection. Chelsea, Adult Empire’s sex toy reviewer extraordinaire, taste-tests the full collection. From nostalgic flavors to ones that are ripe to put […]

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