Mia Split

The Rundown: ‘Sexy Ballerina’ (Featured Video)


The fit and determined ballerina Mia Split must battle her arch nemesis Catherine Knight for her spot in the national ballet and for the desire of the man of her dreams. Who will come out on top? As it turns out, a lot of people will cum. These sexy ballerina’s are built with trim power and masterfully navigate the bedroom with great pussy and tight anal. If Black Swan had more anal, it’d be damn near close to Sexy Ballerina.

Scene highlights

Mia Split isn’t just a name, because she shows she’s fully capable of doing the splits. It’s not just for show, as she stretches her leg up in the air and widens her butthole for the impending penis. Mia displays incredible flexibility and shows off a fantastic and unique sexual position at the same time. I mean, standing anal? How often do you see that? One hand grips her own ankle to pull her asshole apart, and the other grips the arm of the couch to hold on for dear life as she’s rammed and her insides are stirred.

Other scene highlights: Catherine Knight is bent over the dresser of her dressing room and fingered and fucked with a naughty acceptance. Her mouth drops open and moans at the same time her butt cheeks are spread apart. Marsianna Amoon delivers a physically tiring and intense performance that features aggressive throat fucking, deep penetration, and tense riding that’s full of sweat and heavy breathing. A truly athletic performance worthy of a ballerina.


“Dancers are the athletes of God.” – Albert Einstein

It’s not surprising that upon seeing something so gosh darn sexy like the legs of a ballerina that renowned physicist Albert Einstein saw God.

Why we love it

The first time I watched the major Hollywood blockbuster Black Swan starring Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, I thought, “this could’ve used a lot more nudity and hardcore sex. Definitely some anal.” Well, Sexy Ballerina from Private was able to deliver where Black Swan couldn’t. They say the mark of a truly great film is one that improves upon where others failed. Sexy Ballerina is, in my opinion, an impactful film about the beauty, trials, and tribulations of the ballerina world. It’s also taught me that there’s no sex quite like ballerina sex. The cast steals the show here, with bodies so mesmerizing and sex so graceful you’ll hardly remember they’re performing lewd acts. Nay, their passion will ignite the same in others – the vigor, vitality, and yearning of the ballerina.

Private presents Sexy Ballerina starring Mia Split!

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