The Rundown: ‘Mass Appeal’ (Featured Video)


If you are an assman then you are familiar with this studio TUSHY and their works of art that revolve around anal sex. In this latest video called Mass Appeal features Kelsi Monroe and Mona Azar who were competing for the same man but decide it’s more fun to share. Vanessa Sky has an intimate anal encounter in vivid detail. Cute Tommy King uses her flexibility to open up her ass wide for some big dick. Sexy blonde Slimthick Vic orally lubes a dick to go right into her ass for a nice long fuck session by the pool. This film definitely delivers the anal and the story makes it all the better.

Scene Highlights

Mick and his gorgeous wife Mona have an open marriage, but they have one understandable rule. If you want to go back for seconds, you must share. That leads Kelsi to be added to the mix when the two ladies discuss Mick and agree they will both blow his mind. These two ladies have electric energy together before Mick even enters the room. What awaits him is a night of champagne and beautiful asses dedicated to his hard cock. These girls offer themselves for dinner and dessert. The threesome takes the party from the dining room so they both get the opportunity to suck cock and get their asses drilled. Just the right amount of oil to make the pounding fierce.

Vanessa has an encounter on the street that leads to meeting a boxer named Apollo (not that Apollo!). Together they mastermind underground boxing challenges which leads to a lot of cash. All that adrenaline gets them ramped up for some hardcore sexual stimulation. Vanessa prefers her cock play into her ass. She demonstrates that on camera beautifully when she hops on his cock and rides him reverse cowboy so we get full view. She stops every now and then to give him some oral lube. We get an even more stunning observation of her taking it doggystyle.

There is nothing sexier than a hot babe in a bubble bath and that’s just how Tommy King is introduced in her scene. She has fallen for a guy who is going away soon and she is trying to come up with a memory to stick with him. She comes up with the idea to let him fuck her ass for the first time, he will never forget that! She gets right in there and gets him ready for the big moment. I love how she has the bangs with her hair and how they accent her beautiful eyes in this scene. When it comes to the big moment, she makes sure she’s lubed up and goes right for it. I love all the positions she uses to make sure he is getting in deep. She has a nice squirt session naturally making plenty of lube.

Slimthick is going through a divorce and wants a moment with her soon to be ex’s intern. He has no objections to her proposals when they meet out by the pool to discuss signing the paperwork. Her sexy outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination. She takes immediate control of this stud telling him he is about to take her ass. Her perfect tits make him (and all of us) instantly hard. She gets creative wrapping his belt around his dick to direct it into her mouth. She gets that cock all the way to the back of her throat to make sure he is ready for anal. Her body looks amazing when she finally gets on that cock, and we see her writhe in complete pleasure on top of him. She is not shy about taking that big thick dick back into her mouth between every position to make sure it glides in and out in perfect strokes. I really feel bad for her husband to be losing this amazing piece of ass.


“The key to a successful marriage is honesty, which can be a little tricky in an open marriage.” Mona Azur

“Hot girls should never settle for half!” Slimthick Vic

Why We Love It

We love it because it’s Tushy and that means it’s all anal with the best camera angles in the business, shot in ultra-crisp high definition. Every set is beautiful, and every girl is beyond perfection if that is possible. The story introduction to each scene is just the right amount to get your mind into what is about to happen, and you are never disappointed. I fully expect this movie to be on the bestseller ranks in one of my future issues of the Pulse, it’s totally high-class material.

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