The Rundown: ‘Risky Game’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

Risky Game is a tale of friends getting together for a dinner party that’s nothing like the one your mom used to throw. To provide a little entertainment and fun, party host Lea Guerlin suggest they all play a little game. First, everyone has to put their cell phones in them middle of the table. Next, everyone picks up a random phone and searches though it looking for dirty little secrets. What’s supposed to be a fun night between close friends who haven’t seen each other in a while turns into a drama and sex filled night that will leave lasting impressions on everyone involved for years to come.

Scene Highlights

While waiting for the guests to arrive hosts Lea Guerlin and Ricky Rascal decide to have a little pre-party fun in the kitchen. Passion runs deep as they stare into each other’s eyes and knows what to do without saying a word. After a little kissing Lea wraps her lips around Ricky’s cock and goes to work, bobbing back and forth until his eyes roll up in his head. Kitchen sex is a major turn on in my opinion, so I had a blast watching them fuck up against the counter tops and stove. Ricky holds Lea’s leg up high while fucking her and I’m telling you, the camera angle couldn’t get any better! They really sell their characters as they make love and are sure to be gentle with each other but without sacrificing any excitement. This was a great appetizer to start with!

Dinner, and dinner games, have officially begun! Surprisingly Lea doesn’t face much push back when she request everyone put their phones down and grab someone else’s, but it doesn’t take long for the drama to begin. Turns out Isabella De Laa’s boyfriend Nick Ross has been exchanging a lot of sexy text messages with friends Clara Mia and Lauren Walker. According to him, Clara was simply telling him about an erotic dream she had where the three of them had a threesome, but watching this dream play out I think it was real. The entire thing feels wrong yet right as they playfully tease, lick, suck, and stroke each other. The ladies take turns sucking Nick’s dick while he lays back and keeps his eyes on their every move. He takes turns banging both of their backs out while they lick each other’s pussies and right off the bat I enjoy the balance and inclusion here. Everyone has a part to play and they play it brilliantly without overselling anything. The sex between Clara, Nick, and Lauren serves to keep the story going and it does just that.

Next up, it’s time for a little lesbian action as Lauren admits to girlfriend Ruby Reign that she’s been sleeping with Clara. Ruby travels a lot and while I feel bad for her, I totally understand that Lauren needs a little time and affection. While they sort that out Clara and Isabella decide to try their luck in the bedroom with each other and embark on a sensual sexy lesbian escapade that leaves both ladies shaking in orgasm pleasure. They 69 and explore each other like two teenagers doing something naughty for the first time and whole thing was incredible to watch. Even their moans sound better together! They pull out a hitachi to take things up a notch and if you’re a fan of girl/girl sex this is going to tip you over the edge for sure.

Nick and Isabella have been way naughtier than anyone thought, but that’s about to change as the group discovers they had a threesome with pal Ricky not that long ago. She stands in the middle of the living room, blindfolded, as the gentlemen touch and tease her body from front to back. It feels sensual and it’s obvious Isabella is being pushed over the edge ever so slightly as she moans and cries out for more. In no time her clothes are off, tits are exposed, and two cocks are in her mouth as she sucks and tugs at the same time. Again, balance really stands out to me here and I love when all the stars are consistently involved. Our trio definitely had a good time, flipping and fucking in various positions before two massive loads are dropped.

Ricky finally has something to report and he can’t wait to tell everyone what he found. Turns out Nick and Lauren fucked behind their partners’ back, but if you’re expecting that to stop the fun you’re mistaken. Instead they recount the story of their rendezvous and it is a hot one indeed! They met up with one thing in mind and they spent all of their time making sure they completed their tasks! Nick takes his time on Lauren’s body, kissing her lightly up and down her stomach, stopping to play with her nipples and belly button. This isn’t about love, but I like how they still want to please each other with intent and purpose. That alone is a turn on and once they start fucking it gets even better. They know what they’re doing is wrong and could hurt the ones they love, but that’s what makes it sexy and the more you think about it the hornier you get.

Ricky fucked Ruby and that one truly came out of left field. Lea isn’t happy about it and wants all the details. Apparently they knew each other from living in Barcelona and they kept in touch without telling their significant others. Ruby was there when Ricky and Lea were going through a rough patch (heard that one before) and one thing just led to another. They fuck like old close friends longing for a brief reconnection and it’s hot as fuck. She teases him a little with a strip dance but he doesn’t want to wait and goes down on her, licking her clit like it’s his favorite thing in the world. Of course she returns the favor with a point to prove and from there we’re off. They look like they’re having the time of their lives, especially as Ruby smiles while Ricky spoons her. Sex, even when wrong, should always feel right and if you want to know what that looks like you’ve found it right here.

To make up for his mistakes, Ricky talks it out with Lea and then breaks her off to let her know she’s the only one he loves, even if his dick does wonder from friend to friend occasionally. Overall, I think it’s safe to say the dinner party was a freak filled success and they’ll probably be throwing another one (soon I hope).


“Let’s just cheer to Nick and Isabella!” – group of friends at the dinner table after realizing the couple has been getting down and dirty a lot more than anyone expected walking into this thing.

Why We Love It

When it comes to Dorcel features you know it’s going to be entertaining, glamorous, intense with passionate sex, and of course a star studded event. Risky Game gives you all of that plus more. The plot is so brilliantly written and executed that you may forget you’re actually watching a porno and the sex just takes it to the level we’ve all come to love and expect. I for sure will be watching this one again as I can already tell it’s another hit and I think you’ll feel the same.

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