Sex Toy Review: Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews UltraSkyn Stroker

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Adult Empire reviewer Willy Milano.

Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews is a very sophisticated and great looking stroker for guys who enjoy jerking off the best way, either alone or with their significant other’s help. I found this sex toy to be extremely creative and the puffy feeling of Jessie Andrews‘s labia was terrific!


This UltraSkyn stroker looks and feels just like thrusting into Jessie’s perfect pussy. Made from UltraSkyn UR3 TPE (ThermoPlastic Rubber), the Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Line of toys are body safe and a great choice for everyone. Always use massive amounts of your favorite Water Based Lubricant for a more enjoyable experience.

* Ultra-realistic 3D material UR3
* Molded directly from the sexy girl next door Jessie Andrews’s body
* The double-ended hardshell design doubles as a discreet travel and storage case.
* The Main Squeeze’s special Squeeze Plate uses an airtight end cap that twists to adjust how much suction you want to experience so, you can have different experiences with the same stroker.
This is one of the softest strokers that I have experienced and, I consider this masturbator design to be very discreet. I had visitors over and the stroker was sitting on the night stand and they thought it was a very cool lamp, haha.

The inside of the stroker is made from UltraSkyn and it’s one of the softest pussies you’re ever gonna experience! Granted, the feeling is not as tight as the Lily Labeau Stroker but, this is where the twist cap on top of the toy helps you get the stroker tighter with adjustable suction plus, there’s a semi-loose plate in the middle of the stroker that you can squeeze whenever you feel like it, to add more pressure!


If you’re a lazy dude:
Take the ultraskyn masturbator out of the case (it’s very, very soft) and, you can just insert your hard on and fuck the super-soft masturbator against your bed. I recommend using lots of lube and no condom, because the condom is gonna numb your dick to fully experience the sensations of this soft masturbator.

If you want to enjoy the toy to the fullest:
Stop being a lazy dude and insert your rigid pecker with lots of water-based lube only in the sex toy then, play with the suction twist cap until you feel the right tightness level on your dick then, squeeze the semi-loose plate in the middle of the stroker while jerking off to feel even more sensations! You can keep squeezing the plate and twisting the end cap once you go pro and I assure you, the orgasm is going to feel great!!

* You can’t use silicone lube at all.
* A hands-free attachment is sold separately, I wish it was included.
* You need to ditch the case if you’re feeling lazy and want to enjoy it hands-free.

* This is definitely one of the softest materials I have experienced in sex toys for males.
* Very discreet design makes it look like a lamp in your night table.
* The twist cap is great because it offers different suction levels for your masturbating experience!
* The squeeze plate is helpful if you want to add more sensation to your masturbation.
* Open-ended stroker design makes cleanup a breeze.
* Easy to disassemble and reassemble after use.

Just pull out the UltraSkyn from the case and wash the UltraSkyn interior from jizz with warm water from the faucet. Carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water or, you could also try a sex Toy Cleaner from Doc Johnson for even quicker cleanup. Let it dry and reassemble the stroker before storing.

I know the sex toy may feel a little expensive but believe me, the UltraSkyn softness feels magnificent on your dick and the adjustable suction twist cap at the end makes things fantastic!

I’m a little undecided about the squeeze plate in the middle of the case. Yes, it adds good pressure to your dick by squeezing it yourself but from my perspective, if you adjust the suction twist cap nicely, you don’t need extra pressure, suction is going to keep you very happy!

That’s just me though, you may think the squeeze plate was the best feature once you use it yourself. Whatever it is, I think you need to experience this stroker for those naughty and lonely nights (or days) when you’re home alone! This sex toy is a must buy from my perspective!

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