Chelsea & Becky Chat With Jessica Drake

“Never let stains set too long. If you’ve just had a big orgy or something and you have bodily fluids everywhere, just wash them very quickly. Cold water.”

That bit of advice from Jessica Drake sums up why fans love her: she’s fearless, experienced, down-to-earth and funny. She exhibits all those characteristics and many more in her sit-down with Adult Empire’s own Chelsea and Becky! It’s the latest edition of our popular “A Few Minutes With” and will give you a casual yet revealing look at the Wicked contract star. She answers some entertaining food-related questions (such as what food item she would want her nipples to turn into), gives her picks for a porn version of TV’s The View, tells you the best spots in Texas for some naughty exhibitionist fun, dishes some behind-the-scenes stories, plus much more!

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