Daisy Taylor and others star in trans porn videos.

Category Movie Spotlight: Trans Porn on VOD (2023)

The trans genre is as rewarding and varied as the industry’s many multi-talented trans stars themselves. Once unfairly consigned to niche status on porn’s fringes, the category has expanded into all corners of the business, from elaborately plotted features to porn documentaries to blockbuster star showcases. As part of the new LGBTQ porn video sale […]

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Movies To Get You In The Mood

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air (I wonder what love would smell like) here at Adult Empire, we know that porn isn’t just meant to be enjoyed alone. Like most of the great things in life, it’s better when it’s shared with someone special, so we compiled this list of titles […]

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Couples porn videos

Top 10 Couples Porn Videos

Looking from something to set the mood once evening arrives and the kids have been put to bed? Check out these all-time classic couples porn vids, perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any time you’re looking for romance with a hardcore kick. https://publicvideo.adultempire.com/open/ae-top-10-couples-porn-2-021121-video.mp4 Aftermath The ad copy for Aftermath boldly proclaimed that it was destined to […]

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Who is driving the van porn video

The Plot Thickens: Who’s Driving the Van?

“The Plot Thickens” is a continuing series of AE blog posts featuring a look at porn’s most entertaining, corny, and/or bizarre plotlines and sequences. (See previous installments here.) Porn scenes often feature vans and other such roomy roaming vehicles. Maybe it’s the accommodating amount of space (ideal for quick romps in the back), maybe it’s the […]

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Wicked Passions porn videos

Wicked’s Passions & Instructional Series Make for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, we all crave a little romance. Even the most cynical, emotionally stoic among us would admit that there’s something magical about a classy restaurant, chocolates, mood music, and quiet and tender moments with the one you most love. This is particularly true when such moments lead to a night of incredible intimacy. There are […]

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