Sage Hunter appears in an Elegant Angel clip.

Sage Hunter Interview: Her First Boy/Girl

Looking to set your sights on the next big thing? Well, Sage Hunter may just be it. She recently appeared in a major new sequence for esteemed brand Elegant Angel, a studio known for launching the careers of many top stars. Like Riley Reid and Remy LacCroix before her, she’s ready to rep for all-natural industry women who depart from the busty bombshell cliches. In this new interview, Sage recaps her experience of shooting the EA scene and previews what she’s planning next.

Adult Empire: You star the newly released “My First Boy-Girl” from Elegant Angel, which is your first major scene as a performer. How did this come about?

Sage Hunter: My agent / agency set everything up, so I’m super lucky and grateful that Elegant Angel showed interest in me!

When and how did you know you wanted to be an on-camera performer?

I’ve honestly always loved being on camera / performing overall – even if it’s just my solo videos that I used to (and still do) make & keep just for myself. I think it’s super sexy to be able to see yourself in a “different” element than what you’re used to, watching scenes you did that you know you enjoyed, having the opportunities to work with extremely talented people as well as companies is also just exciting! I have also personally always found that making your image, indulging in your sexuality & making THAT magic to be beyond empowering.

Were you always a little sexually adventurous/promiscuous or is it something that came on later?

Always, just also have been lucky to pretty much always have had partners who were into exploring new kinks, current ones, and overall just being open minded, which definitely helped me feel comfortable with myself & others sexually.

How was working with Danny Mountain?

I loved working with him! He is a great performer, super professional, sweet, and obviously sexy!

What were your expectations for shooting this scene and how did the reality differ?

I expected to just simply get fucked on camera. The reality was being on a gorgeous set, getting my hair & makeup done by a total sweetheart, having food get ordered, and had so much fun doing my solo shots + interview/scene introduction. I was surprised by how completely natural everything felt – whether it was the stills or filming, I even forgot the cameras were there a few times!

You tweeted “I just want to rub pussies with a baddie.” Is there potential we could see you in a girl/girl scene in the future?

I hope so! I’m bisexual, would love to do a girl girl scene!

What are other types of scenes you’d like to perform in?

BBG, BGG, GG, cuckold, VR, certain fetishes like spit + watersports, dom/sub (I can be either role!), futanari, squirting, soft/romantic sensual lesbian or straight porn, working with trans women/men, & honestly a lot! My imagination runs wild when I think about what scenes I could do in the best way possible!

You’ve posted that you read 3-4 books a month. What kind of books do you like to read?

Lately I’ve been reading memoirs, a lot of non fiction, fiction mystery/thriller, & poetry books.

You also write poetry, would you be willing to share any with us?

Not currently. As much as I love writing, it is my main outlet for when I’m going through or experiencing anything that isn’t positive, so I choose to keep those to myself & share with certain people. Maybe one day I’ll make some public.

What do you hope to accomplish in porn?

Honestly? This sounds extremely cliche, but it is what I’d love to accomplish: somehow showing civilians that people in porn are seriously just “normal” people too & that we aren’t what the stigma makes us out to be, because that stigma alone makes it hard for anyone in the industry to have relationships, talk about work with the majority of people, things with family can always be tough, knowing a lot of banks / etc can simply deny you or close your account because of the legal work you do….there’s a lot. I wish people outside of porn could see it as a job as much as we do as performers.

Otherwise I’d also love to work with some of my favorite companies, be on the physical cover of a DVD or magazine just because I love the novelty and I’d keep a copy forever. Another thing would be having women who see me or are fans of me see that you don’t need work done to feel confident or be in the industry. This is in no way an anti surgery thing or me thinking I’m better than anyone, because I am fully supportive of anyone doing whatever they want to/for their bodies if it makes them happy! Being all natural with basically no boobs is something I didn’t see a lot of when I was first watching porn so obviously I assumed it was something that was expected, but I was happy that it wasn’t the case because I personally love my body and didn’t want to change anything. So, for women that see me and have small boobs / small features, all natural bodies as well, hopefully don’t need to feel insecure about themselves or feel pressured to get anything done unless they want to. Everyone has a beautiful body, enhanced or not, it will just always make me sad when I see women get insecure about their bodies & features, but I also know it happens to every single one of us. Anyways, that is my extremely long answer as to what I’d like to accomplish!

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