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Shawn Alff Interview: ‘Regular Guy Turned Pornstar’

Shawn Alff once observed that he’s done almost every job in porn except being an agent. Not bad for a performer who modestly describes himself as just a regular guy who became a pornstar. The fact that he uses his birth name as his porn name speaks to his disarming charm and authenticity. His experience on set is akin to the one the average person could imagine if, by some strange circumstance, they found themselves cast in a porn video. In conjunction with Adult Empire’s new DVD sale, which features Alff’s cover performance in Adventures with Shawn Alff, we’re looking at his unique career path in this conversation with the man himself.

Adult Empire: Tell us about Shawn Alff. What’s for breakfast in the morning? What’s the first social media app you check?

Shawn Alff: I have a serious problem overbooking my calendar with writing scripts, working on set for my favorite directors, shooting scenes, running marathons, traveling, working out, and getting dinner with friends. I grew up fairly sheltered. I spent a lot of weekend nights home alone watching movies. Now I want to say yes to every experience and every beautiful person. I want to make the most of all these opportunities while they last.

Is there a story behind your stage name?

My stage name is my real name. I started writing about the industry in 2009 under my real name. By the time I started performing my name was already so tied to porn I didn’t feel a need to change it. Also, using my real name is a way of showing that I am not shamed of my work in porn.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I started writing about the adult industry for an alternative weekly paper in Tampa called Creative Loafing. I eventually moved to San Diego where I would drive up to LA a few times a month to cover porn shoots, events, and award shows for magazines like AVN, XBIZ, and Hustler. In 2018, Jacky St. James posted on Facebook that she needed a production assistant who could help her on set and who could also write some scripts for her. I realized I could make more money, and have more fun, working in the industry instead of just writing about it. A month later I moved up to LA.

What made you want to step in front of the camera as a performer?

Bellesa wanted to do a reality series about an average guy trying to make it as a performer. I sent the owner a long email explaining why I was not cut out to be a pornstar. At the time I was nearly 40, I had an average dick, an average sex drive, and I had high anxiety. The owner explained why this was why I was perfect for the project. They wanted to see the struggles of a normal guy trying to perform with women far above his league.

What was your first time on set like?

I was extremely anxious my first few times on set, to the point where a few female performers fucked with me just to watch my face get red. My very first time on set Kate Frost told me to spit on her pussy. Another time Kendra Lust insisted that I apply lotion to her tits. My first time working for Jacky St. James, I was so worried about germs that I wore gloves to strip the bed sheets after a sex scene. I’ve come a long, long way from those early days.

Do you prefer directing or performing more? What are some of the differences?

At this stage, I prefer performing much more. Beyond the obvious pleasure of getting to share such an intimate experience with a beautiful woman, there is just so much less stress involved in performing — which is saying a lot because performing can be very stressful. As a director there are so many more problems to deal with: last-minute cancelations, payroll, budget, booking, props, wardrobe, organizing media…

Are you a gonzo guy or do you like a nice storyline to go along with your sex? Is one easier to shoot than the other?

When it comes to what I masturbate to, I fast-forward to hardcore penetration. I get the most satisfaction writing story driven scripts and then having another director deal with the challenges of bringing those stories to life. As a crew member, I most enjoy shooting quick gonzo scenes. My favorite porn to shoot as a performer is the Valley Boy series I’ve been working on with Nathan Bronson and Robby Apples. We get dressed up in absurd outfits, make a few funny videos, then we bang a woman together. It’s a fun time all around.

What was it like working with Ana Foxxx for your Adventures with Shawn Alff: Regular Guy Turned Pornstar?

Ana has you laughing from the moment she steps on set. As impossibly beautiful as she is, I think her humor makes her approachable. All of my best scenes happen when I’m relaxed and comfortable, and nothing makes me more relaxed than being able to joke with my scene partner. That being said, it can be hard to shift gears from joking to fucking. I remember several times during that scene when we broke into laughter while I was inside her.

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What advice would you give other regular guys looking to join the adult entertainment industry?

Work behind the scenes first to get a better understanding of the industry. Watch how successful male performers work. Watch how they interact with their co-stars and the crew. Most anyone can get into porn. The challenge is making a successful career out of it. As a male performer, your reputation and how you treat people matters above all else.

When all is said and done what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

I expect to be forgotten pretty quickly after I stop performing, but, if anything, I would like to be part of the normalization of porn performers. I want to show how wholesome and inviting porn can be, especially for female audiences. I want to be part of the push for porn to be accepted as legitimate, mainstream entertainment.

What’s one thing all your fans should know about you?

I am deeply grateful to anyone who has encouraged or supported me on this strange journey. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could survive in LA by getting paid to have sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Without my fans, that would never be possible.

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