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Her First Scene: Lisa Ann

Strange as it may seem, porn legend Lisa Ann did have a first porn scene, although you need to trek back all the way to the era of Forrest Gump and Newt Gingrich to find it. Step into the Adult Empire time machine as we look at the very first hardcore scene shot by one of porn’s most durable stars! (Browse other editions of “Her First Scene” here.)

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Movie: Flesh For Fantasy

Scene type: Boy/girl

Studio: Metro

Where: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

When: 1994

Director: Jim Enright (also known for Wonderland, True Love, and Sin Asylum)

Co-star: TT Boy

Released: 1994 (VHS), 2001 (DVD)

How: Pennsylvania native Lisa Ann came to California with big dreams. After photoshoots and some non-hardcore performances, Ann scored a contract with Metro Home Video for a variety of scene types. (According to Ann’s autobiography, the contract even included passages about cumshots!)

Trivia: Though Ann ultimately ended up going by a name derived from her actual real-life name, she entertained several other possibilities. In her days as a dancer, she had been known as Sunshine (and occasionally Xena Sunshine once she moved to California). When she signed with Metro and it came to choosing an official porn pseudonym, she cracked open the phonebook to mix and match names until she found a combination she liked: Rosie Calluchi! Metro objected and decided to call her Lisa Ann instead.

Location, location, location: The scene was shot in a luxurious house with a view of Los Angeles’s famous Hollywood sign. (Since the scene takes place in an alternate timeline that deviates from the present day, the sign itself is never actually glimpsed.)

Quotable: “There wasn’t a lot of time to warm up or get ready . . . I was getting fucked harder than I ever had before, getting grabbed and pulled in directions and positions that were brand new to me.” (Ann on the scene, as quoted in 2015)

Observations: Though it was her first hardcore scene, Flesh For Fantasy was far from the first time Ann had appeared on camera, and the movie’s fairly involved plot required her to draw upon a variety of skills. The complicated scenario of the scene involves a spiked drink leading to Ann’s character being whisked away to a fantasy land where she must pass by a knight guarding a bridge. Unsurprisingly, she ends up removing his armor and revealing her sexy side to him. Interestingly, while she and co-star TT Boy remained friends after this first scene was shot, Ann put him on her “no list” and never worked with him in another scene. Her transformation from a dowdy office worker to glamorous renaissance maiden is also fun to observe. Oh, and industry vet Tom Byron shows up in the role of Merlin!

The critics said: “Lisa Ann looked GREAT throughout the whole thing [ . . . ] This is the first I’ve seen Lisa Ann, since I became enchanted with her at ECVS [East Coast Video Show].” (Vintage review from The Director)

(For a detailed account of Lisa’s first scene, read her 2015 autobiography, The Life, which dedicates a full chapter to this watershed moment in her career.)

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Flesh For Fantasy porn video scene starring Lisa Ann.

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