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Best of the Sale: White Ghetto & More on VOD

White Ghetto is a porn studio that defies description. Let’s just say that they’re weird, they’re prolific, and they’re definitely well suited to the digital age, since you would probably dig a hole the size of China to bury yourself in if anyone ever found your hidden stash of White Ghetto DVDs. (Read more about White Ghetto here.) That’s why we think you should stock up on White Ghetto VODs, and there’s no better time than now, since the company’s movies are available at 30% off for a very limited time (through 2/15)! Sister studios Factory 13 and Woodburn Productions are also on sale. Check out some of the highlight picks from the sale:

97 Guy Double MILF Cream Pie porn video download from White Ghetto.97 Guy Double MILF Cream Pie

As the title less-than-subtly indicates, these are some very cock-hungry women we’re talking about! Bailey O’Dare (scene two) and Chelsea Zinn (scene one) tackle tons of dick, sometimes lined up in a row in a sort of cock assembly line, and sometimes all at once. At times, the tangle of flesh before our eyes looks like something out of a zombie movie, when a roaming human is suddenly seized by a ravenous pack of walkers. Creampies are a staple of White Ghetto movies, with many of the studio’s most popular VOD selections focusing on internal cumshots like the ones featured in 97 Guy Double MILF Cream Pie.

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Gushing Girlfriends porn video download from Factory 13.Gushing Girlfriends

If you’re gonna gush, why not keep that special intimacy among your girlfriends? That’s just how the ladies of Gushing Girlfriends do it, but thankfully they’re only too happy to let you watch it all unfold. This compilation from Factory 13 is a full three hours of female ejaculation scenes, made many years before “squirting” became a point of controversy in sexual discussions. These soaking-wet orgasms have powered Gushing Girlfriends to a position as Factory 13’s all-time most popular VOD bestseller on Adult Empire!


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Attack Of The Monster Midget With A 10 inch Cock from Factory 13.Attack Of The Monster Midget With A 10″ Cock

Admit it! You’re kind of curious, aren’t you? Though he’s been absent from porn now for nearly a decade, the legacy of cover star Lil’ Pimp Hand looms, um, large thanks to a long series of fetish movies. Attack Of The Monster Midget finds him in rare form, enthusiastically pillaging any poontang that comes within a radius of 10 feet. The opening scene finds him being strip-searched by a busty cop. She feels a bulge in his pants. “That’s my mutha-fuckin’ dick,” says Pimp Hand, in an aggressive delivery that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud. Later, Pimp Hand angrily declines to participate in a game of backgammon, saying that he can think of far more pleasurable things to do! No chill at all! Overall, our pint-sized primary performer compensates for his diminutive stature with an outsized appetite for sex in all its forms.

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Black Cheerleader Search 82 porn video download from Woodburn Productions.Black Cheerleader Search 82

With 82 volumes of searching, that adds up to a lot of black cheerleaders that Woodburn Productions has found over the years. This particular installment has two salient reasons to recommend it among the sea of other movies in the series! First of all, it’s one of the all-time top bestsellers from Woodburn Productions, and second, it features the always-alluring Misty Stone in one of her very earliest roles. Say it with us now: “Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?” White Ghetto and friends, for one thing!

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