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Sally D’Angelo Interview: Cougar Fave Scores 10th AVN Nomination

Sally D’Angelo‘s career as an adult performer has blossomed at an age when most people are contemplating retirement. The cheerful, chesty “Dolly Parton of porn” has seen her work pay off with an ever-increasing fanbase, one that has helped her net 2018 AVN nominations for Niche Performer of the Year and Hottest MILF (AVN Fan Awards — vote here). We chatted with her about her studio (City Girlz), her award nominations, her unique background, and much more in this new Q&A, exclusive to the Adult Empire Blog.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born in Tennessee the youngest of seven (we were very poor monetarily but not as a loving family), moved to Kentucky over to Indiana and back to Kentucky my school years. Being quite poor was a handicap but I always floated to the top, from cheerleader to academics, so I always had the attitude “I can do that.”

Do you remember the first time you saw a porn movie or glimpsed adult imagery?

I assume with my first husband but all of that I want to forget especially him lol, BUT I did love sneaking into my daddy’s Playboys and looking at the beautiful women thinking, “I want to do that some day.”

You’ve described yourself as having a “Dolly Parton personality.” Could you elaborate on that?

In my opinion, there is not a better entertainer then Dolly! She gives it 110% at every show (I’ve seen her perform frequently). But actually my friends do the comparison – big boobies, bubbly Southern personality, “never met a stranger attitude,” plus we both grew up poor. I get a kick out of telling the story about the “Lady in Town” with all the make up and high heels as a little girl. “I want to be like that,” she says. I said the same things growing up – “Wow, I want all the guys tripping over me, too.” 😊

What were some of your pre-porn jobs?

Started in sales, moved my way up to running a canning factory (most people would have killed for that job), but I up and quit as I felt something was missing. It was I love to mingle with the crowd, so I took of all things a bartending job. I was an overnight success making great money. The bars in Louisville put a bounty on me – “hire that girl,” “she will bring in the crowds guaranteed.”

Is it true that Nina Hartley was the first person who tried to recruit you into porn? Were you a fan of Nina prior to that first chance meeting?

Yes and no. I did some porn shoots as a bartender (30 years ago) and that was a blast. I didn’t have a name other than what was on the script. But I ran into Nina at the national swingers convention in Vegas (I think it was at the Riviera) in the early 2000s. She was in a group of people and (BTW on her way up to becoming a mega star) we stopped and were chit chatting with some friends of ours who were going to shoot an amateur/pro scene with Ana Maul. Nina was standing there smiling and she and I made some small talk. She looked at me and said, “Girl, you got what it takes! You could be a star.” My new husband was way too exposed at his company to let that happen, although we both thought it was the coolest compliment. I shot with Nina last year and we both laughed at that story, as she never remembered but I never forgot.

What are your recollections of the very first porn scene you ever shot?

Well, that was 30 years ago and I cannot remember what I had for breakfast. 😉 I remember it paid well, almost as much as it pays now and that was years ago, but honestly can’t remember! I fucked a guy, the producer said “great movie” paid me, and I left (I shot maybe four with them).

Of the many scenes you’ve appeared in, are there any that stand out as particular favorites?

Yes, I loved the movie I shot this year with Nicky Rebel and Maria Jade: Auntie and the Kinky Cousins. We all clicked really well and the movie is damn good. Everyone should check that one out, plus I just shot a sequel that should be out the first of the year.

Sally D'Angelo AVN nominationsWhat was your reaction to once again being nominated as AVN’s Niche Performer of the Year?

I was stunned! This is my tenth nomination and I have the best fans in all the world. They just keep pushing me to the top. I feel so blessed that the industry takes notice, plus this is a huge achievement at any age let alone 65. I cannot say it enough – thank you, everyone involved!

If you win a major award at this year’s ceremonies and accept onstage, would you have a prepared speech, or would you improvise one on the spot?

In my book I have already won 😊. I have the greatest fans! I would improvise on the spot. As we discussed earlier, that Dolly personality would pop up and I would have no problem coming up with a speech to get the crowd going, to boot. [Vote in AVN’s fan vote here.]

Let’s talk terminology! MILF, GILF, cougar – what do you prefer to be called?

Good question but I think I kind of lean towards cougar – something sinister about a lady on the prowl for young cock, so if the shoe fits wear it, right?

What’s your take on niche terms in general?

Everyone asks me that lol. Hell, I dunno, y’all tell me, but honestly I guess someone my age being able to remember their lines has to be some kind of a niche

You once said, “What you see is what you get with me.” Is authenticity something you particularly value in a co-star?

Yes, very much so, I want to have fun when shooting and I want my players to relax and enjoy the ride

According to your official website, your bust size is an impressive 36GG! What’s the biggest challenge of having big boobs?

Quite impressive, huh? 😉 The biggest challenge is clothing, tops/bras in general.

Tell us about the origin of your label, City Girlz. What was your overall vision for City Girlz?

My City Girlz label is moving along very nicely. The idea behind it is so many XXX movies have zero thought put into them, [whereas] I like movies that have somewhat of a plot, like the porn flicks in 70s and 80s. Plus I just launched a City Girlz site at and this is something special. I’ve invited in Payton Hall, Chery Leigh (out of retirement), and Cyndi Cynful to add some of their movies onboard. It will be one of the best mature sites on the net if not the only one out there. BTW, we are searching for more stars.

Talk a little about the primary performers who have appeared in City Girlz movies, including the two newest girls.

Let’s start with Cyndi Cynful. We became friends via the net. I got her a stint with the SCORE group and they loved her. She is very new and has great ability and very eager plus she can take a huge dick up her ass with no problem (yes, her ass). Then we have Payton Hall, who is a veteran she has been around the block and is very well known in the industry. She will add a lot of flair to the site. Next is Chery Leigh, (back from retirement). Chery is the original Queen of Spades and along with her will come some of the best interracial cuckold videos on the net. As for the girls you will see on the site, how about Nina Hartley, Deauxma, Brooke Tyler, Dani Dare, Rita Daniels, Mandy Vixen, Leilani Lei, Maria Jade, Olivia Kassidy, Sexy Vanessa, and many, many more, plus all those young hot big cocks for all us girls to share. Does it sound fun?

For those new to City Girlz, could you recommend some of the label’s most memorable scenes and movies?

Sure! Don’t miss Air Tight MILFs (all holes filled), Black Door Friends are Best, Auntie and the Kinky Cousins, Black Market Schoolgirls, Stepmom Wars, My Girlfriend’s Mom, Mr Dinwitty, Date Night Creampie.

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