Paging Doctor Roger: Medical Bedroom Emergency (Part 3)

Editor’s note: This post by Staci is a work of fiction. Read Part 2 here.

Roger’s Mercedes pulled up and the valet left with what he clearly thought was a very generous tip. Instead of asking, Roger opened the passenger door and walked around to get in the driver’s side. There was no question, no hesitation. The door was open and I was expected to get in quickly before he left. I hustled inside and closed the door with one hand as the seatbelt strapped itself across my cleavage.

Roger didn’t speak. There was no mention of the couple we left behind without even saying goodbye. He didn’t turn on the radio either. The silence was deafening. He checked his mirrors more than once, like someone who was making sure he wasn’t being followed. What had he done?

I didn’t know where the car was going, I wasn’t about to ask; I just sat with my eyes on the road, marinating in my own juices. We arrived at the only 4-star hotel in this town and the valet opened my door. As I stepped out, I deftly whisked away the excess from my thigh with a glancing swipe of my hand. It’s not ladylike to leave a trail from the car to a gentleman’s hotel room, I mused with a light chuckle.

“It’s nice to see your smile,” Robert said, instantly bringing me back into the present. “You should smile more often . . . I will help make that happen.” That was it. That was him asking me out, trying to kiss me, getting to second base, wooing me into bed and getting me to say yes . . . all rolled into one. He may as well have collared me in the hotel lobby. I was all done saying no to him… ever. I can’t explain the attraction, but it went through every part of me. A sense of devotion. I was his entirely and he hadn’t even committed yet to be mine. A feeling I have never felt for anyone else before or since.

We entered the elevator and he used his key card to unlock the executive floor. “Take the panties off,” he said in a demanding tone. It would have been less awkward a statement if there weren’t a hotel bellhop in the elevator with us at the time. My hands complied even as my upbringing recoiled against his wishes. I slinked my panties off myself and jiggled them free from my right foot.

“These are mine,” he said as he reached out to grip the panties from my hand. “Everything about you is mine.” I felt that whoosh again and I was flooding myself suddenly. When I looked up, I thought the bellhop was about to cum. He was staring right at my skirt which was starting to show its wetness through the fabric in front.

“Let him look,” Roger said as he held the door open on our floor and stopped the elevator from leaving. I wasn’t sure he meant…. Oh, his eyes made me sure quickly. Lifting the front of my skirt, I gave the bellhop the best tip of his lifetime. My shaved pussy coozing its best juices and ready to be pumped. As I reached down to part my lips Roger interrupted me, “That’s enough. Always save something to show him next time.” I put my pussy away and we exited the elevator. The bellhop said something in another language I didn’t understand but it must have translated into something like “Oh my fucking God, I’m going to jerk off in the broom closet until my dick hurts.” I was proud of myself . . . of Roger for making that moment happen in his life.

When the suite door opened the lights were already on. The room was spacious with floor-to-ceiling windows lining the exterior corner walls. There was already a bottle of red wine with two glasses poured breathing on the dining table. It seems Roger arranged for a party of two somehow.

“Lose the clothes,” he said as he loosened his necktie. “You like to be unwrapped. I understand that. I am not one of the weak boys you bring gifts. You will unwrap yourself. You will make yourself simple. You will offer me everything. Access is the only thing you can give me in life… and if you do it well, I will give you everything else.”

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