Polyamorous porn video

‘Polyamorous’ VOD Spotlights Exclusive Threesome Action

Can you love more than one person at once without breaking hearts? Polyamory says yes. The latest threesome porn movie from JoyMii, Polyamorous, explores the steamy side of the lifestyle in the latest Adult Empire On Demand exclusive! The poly perspective posits that monogamy is not for everyone and that open-minded and emotionally secure people […]

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EroticaX Puts the Spotlight on Polyamory

Remember the old Miller Lite commercials where two people would squabble over what channel to watch, only to have a third person intercede with a little magic that allowed both programs to be watched simultaneously? Frivolous as they were, they brought to light one of life’s perpetual conundrums: sometimes you’re confronted with a zero-sum choice. […]

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