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Enjoy ‘A Royal Romp’ Just in Time for the Royal Wedding!

According to the official website of Britain’s royal family, Buckingham Palace contains 52 bedrooms. Why so few? With a salacious history of affairs and heirs, the royals (and their bedrooms) have certainly seen plenty of action over the years. Later this week, Prince Harry will walk down the aisle with Meghan Markle in what will undoubtedly be the world’s most widely covered wedding of 2018. We won’t be able to see what happens behind closed doors on their wedding night, but Television X brings us the next best thing: A Royal Romp! This 2011 porn movie from across the pond offers a hilarious, sexy send-up of the previous royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton. The movie is newly available on Adult Empire VOD!

Like most Television X movies, A Royal Romp revels in a gleefully twisted sense of humor, loaded with risque puns and jokes. (To give you an idea, the opening line of dialogue is “William, I’m so pleased you popped the big one!”) It’s not every movie that finds a man receiving a blowjob under the table while sharing dinner with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip! Megan Coxxx, who resembles both Kate Middleton and actor Kate Beckinsale, brings a cheeky charm to the role of the princess-to-be. “I was a very good girl and hard worker at school. I got all ‘A’ grades at A-level and won a place to study horse science at Nottingham University,” Megan told AVN at the time of the movie’s release. “I’ve been riding since I was four and all of my coaches thought I had great potential to fulfill any Olympic dreams, but I guess I wanted to rebel and doing porn is the biggest rebellion. Now instead of riding horses I ride men!”

The film is split into two scenes: the first features Kate and William’s round of “toad in the hole” (as William puts it) after a press conference announcing their engagement; following an interlude, the second scene spotlights a post-wedding foursome. Now we eagerly await the sequel, featuring Harry and Meghan lookalikes . . .

A Royal Romp porn video

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