Angela White Cums Stateside (VOD Scene Spotlight)

We’ve become accustomed to seeing Angela White in a very specific milieu. Her label, AGW Entertainment, always presents the action in modernist, minimalist environments, with the same elegant feel that was spearheaded by Mason and Greg Lansky. Her recent work is so closely associate with that aesthetic that it’s almost hard to imagine White performing for any other company! That’s all about to change, though. Thanks to a recent move from her native Australia to the United States, Angela is giving fans a chance to see scenes she’s shot for other directors and studios. First up? Raw 28 from Evil Angel, where White co-stars with Manuel Ferrara.

“It’s always a pleasure to shoot with Manuel, and the Raw series was particularly fun to take part in,” said White in a press release. “I love that there is no artifice in this series and that we could just express our lust without worrying about opening up to the light or a camera operator. This scene is incredibly passionate and intimate, and I’m sure fans are going to love it.”

The scene in question is a typically hard-driving scene from Ferrara, who keeps the camera in both closeups and loose master shots to give viewers a broad sense of the action involved. In a way, the scene is the logical continuation of AGW Entertainment’s Angela Loves Gonzo, which also made use of the in-the-room style that typifies Raw.

“I knew that the different shooting style is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I understand that,” White told Adult Empire at the time of the release of Angela Loves Gonzo. “I also wanted to show that I am dynamic as a performer. I’m not just a one-trick pony – I can do all sorts of different things. I think that fans have seen me in those glamorous DVDs with the beautiful lighting and the perfect makeup. It’s very idealized. I wanted to show fans a more raw side of me.”

And we’re guessing things are just gonna get rawer — and better — as Angela goes along.

Raw 28: Angela White & Manuel Ferrara

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