4K Ultra HD porn videos

Best of the Sale: 4K Ultra HD Porn Videos

When DVD first arrived, one critic compared the experience to looking through freshly cleaned glasses. Well, if that’s the case, then 4K Ultra HD is like getting Lasik surgery! This format offers an enormous upgrade over both standard definition and normal HD. All 4K Ultra HD porn videos are on sale for a limited time! […]

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Missy Martinez Podcast Interview

This week for the podcast we’re throwing it back to 2015 where we sat down with superstar Missy Martinez. Martinez was born and raised in southern California near the heart of where a lot of porn is shot and produced. She joined the industry in 2009 shooting strictly girl/girl content but then made the switch […]

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Fucked Ra porn video

The Art of Editing a Porn Movie: AE Films’ ‘Fucked Ra’

It’s been five years since AE Films’ blockbuster movie Fucked Ra was unleashed upon the world. Boasting Missy Martinez‘s first and only double penetration as its centerpiece, the movie took a flavorful Cleopatra theme and turned it into a hardcore showcase for the ages. But movies don’t drop out of the sky fully formed. There’s […]

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Star Showcase porn videos

Best of the Sale: Star Showcase Porn on VOD

Just as mainstream film is a collaborative art, so, too, is adult entertainment the result of many artists working together. There are times, though, when those efforts join to put the spotlight on a single performer’s remarkable talents. That’s what you’ll find in the “star showcase” category: movies that explore the sexuality of a given […]

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Popular with women porn videos

Best of the Sale: Popular With Women & More

A great deal of adult entertainment looks like it could be best underscored with some Rammstein, but to focus solely on the most aggressive and in-your-face varieties of porn is to miss out on some of its subtler offerings. The latest Adult Empire VOD sale brings together movies from several such genres: “popular with women,” […]

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MILF porn videos

Best of the Sale: MILF on VOD

The term “MILF” hasn’t always existed, but porn has had a fascination with older women since its golden age. The genre has blossomed over the last 20 years, to the extent that it’s now an immovable part of the porn landscape. We’re offering a special discount on MILF VODs for a limited time! (Ends 5/20.) […]

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Aaliyah Love pornstar

Aaliyah Love REALLY Loves Sushi

Editor’s note: In honor of Thanksgiving, we present this archival Adult Empire post, which originally appeared on the Adult Empire Blog in November 2015. It’s Thanksgiving, and as you sit down to read this, chances are that an enormous meal is in your immediate future (or immediate past). We can all think of times we […]

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Empire Days best of the sale

Best of the Sale: Empire Days

The Empire Days promotion has arrived! We’re offering three days of incredible deals: discounts on sex toys, AE Films movies, and more, plus 30% off all in-stock items. As part of this extravaganza, we’re also bringing you a special deep discount sale, with unbeatable prices on popular DVDs. Check out some highlight picks here! The […]

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Missy Martinez pornstar

Missy Martinez Retires

Missy will be missed. Popular Latina star Missy Martinez announced this month that she is quitting porn for good. In the post officially declaring the news, Martinez mentioned she planned to pursue other opportunities and that she had recently passed a state licensing exam. Born and raised in California near the porn capital of the […]

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