2014 AVN Award Winners

Quick Recap: 2014 AVN Award Winners

“I didn’t expect it to be like a large-scale show, but it certainly was. Between the red carpet, awards presentation, and electric atmosphere, The AVN Awards can certainly hold their own with any other major awards show out there.” (A fan writes about their experience at an AVN show) . . Performers Awards Female Performer […]

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Water Drops

Spring Showers Bring Wet Babes!

It might be hard to tell right now but spring is around the corner! You can feel it in the air, that cool crisp breeze that warns you about the coming rain! In my opinion: Adding water may create a firey situation. It’s hard pulling your eyes away from wet clinging fabric on a women’s […]

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Lube Guide 2020

{AE’s Quick Guide on Lube} Are You Ruining the Relationship You Have with Your Favorite Sex Toy? We hope not!

When it comes to knowing your lubrication needs it can be tricky stuff! Did you know some lubes can break down condoms and silicone toys? Or that some lubes stick around way after the party ends and can leave stains? We currently offer over 300 products in our lube & lotion category with 11 different […]

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Celebrate Pi Day w/ My Favorite Cream Pies!

. Move over Martha Stewart there’s a new “Cream Master” in town! If you’re aren’t a math nerd, today is Pi Day- “3.14”159265… which means you should run to the store to get eggs & cream to join in the fun. You’ll need to beat the yolks and whip those egg whites into submission. I […]

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