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“I’ll be a devil, till I’m an angel,” Frank Sinatra once memorably crooned. That’s been Elegant Angel’s philosophy, too, in a reign as a porn super-studio that’s lasted more than two decades. Devilish, dirty delights belie the studio’s name in every movie they release, many of them much-anticipated blockbusters! Porn videos from Elegant Angel are on sale at Adult Empire for a limited time (through May 31). Check out some highlight picks:

Asa Akira Is Insatiable porn video from Elegant Angel.Asa Akira Is Insatiable

Director Mason now plies her trade with various brands under the Mile High umbrella (HardX, LesbianX, and others), but she established her style during her tenure at Elegant Angel. (Compare the busy style of the cover art of early Elegant Angel movies to the streamlined look of ones of Mason‘s era and beyond to see how much she shaped the company’s aesthetic.) This particular movie caught Asa Akira in a formative moment, too, before her move to a diet of more conventional adult features at Wicked Pictures. Insatiable is a must-watch, the sort of movie that you can return to over and over again and still find moments of startling eroticism, highlighted by Asa’s first anal (with Manuel Ferrara) and first double penetration.

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Wasteland porn video from Elegant Angel.Wasteland

Los Angeles at night is an inherently cinematic environment (just watch Michael Mann’s Collateral for a prime mainstream example). Wasteland capitalizes on this aspect in an ambitious sexual adventure that finds two old friends (Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau, their shared first names instantly telegraphing the connection they’ll have) reunited for a night of passion in the City of Angels. This kind of sprawling drama is catnip for adult awards ceremonies, and Wasteland was no exception! It captured many of the top AVN and XBIZ prizes in 2013.

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Gangbanged porn video from Elegant Angel.Gangbanged

If anyone is equipped to take on seven guys without batting an eye, it’s the indefatigable Lisa Ann. Many of the conventions of Mason’s later Gangbang Me series were established here, right down to the signature cover pic of a star surrounded by men staring hungrily at her. Lisa Ann’s scene takes center stage, of course, but it’s not all that this bestseller has to offer. Once Lisa ticks “gangbang” off her “sexual bucket list,” Bobbi Starr arrives for similar treatment, in a scene that is just as memorable as Ann’s.

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The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #1 porn video from Elegant Angel.The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio #1

Most of the movies on this list are from Elegant Angel’s output of the last decade or so, but we would be remiss if we didn’t include at least one movie from the company’s earlier days. Released in 1997, the movie focuses emphatically on oral sex, with the sort of peppy, hyperactive soundtrack that could only be found in movies of the era. No less than 15 blowjobs are presented here, at a clip of about 10 minutes per scene. The full-on ’90s style might be somewhat jarring to viewers accustomed to the streamlined approach Elegant Angel has taken in recent years, but the movie still delivers more than enough sexy fun to satisfy fans of any era. The doctor is in!


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