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Joanna Angel & Big-Booty Friends Star in ‘Big Butts’ (VOD Exclusive)

What makes a “big butt“? Big Butts star Ivy Lebelle has measured her booty, and its dimensions are an impressive 40 inches. We’re not sure where “big” begins or ends, but when your butt is almost big enough to ride a roller coaster on its own, we’d say you’re in a category of your own. “You can almost see it from the front!” she jokes. It’s in this rarefied air of booty madness that you’ll find the latest Adult Empire VOD exclusive (through November 19).

Porn movies titles tend to fall into one of several categories: zany puns, poetic flourishes, or bluntly beautiful descriptions that tell you exactly what you’re going to get. Big Butts, the new movie from Joanna Angel‘s Sex Unfiltered, falls into this final category. And really, with butts this beautiful, who needs puns or poetry? These shapely posteriors speak for themselves, a fact you’ll see illustrated in almost every frame of the movie. (The first frames shots show a gorgeous butt in closeup, quickly setting the tone for the entire film.) Confirmed ass addict Joanna Angel herself appears in each and every scene, paired up with a variety of stars known for their beautiful booties.

As befits the Sex Unfiltered name, Big Butts has a certain rawness to it, as if we’re a fly on the wall at a film shoot that just happens to capture a spontaneous pornstar hookup. The movie opens with some playful banter between Joanna and cover model Abella Danger, both dipping their feet into a pool as they chat about tan lines, Abella and Joanna have worked together on many previous scenes, and their established chemistry and easy rapport are obvious from their first moments together. Scene two puts you directly in Joanna’s point of view as she drops by to visit Jaclyn Taylor, scene three pairs her with Gia Paige, and scene four sees Angel put her toys to work in a threesome with Ivy Lebelle and Giselle Palmer. (Mick Blue also makes two appearances.) Each allows us to see the fun-loving way Joanna interacts with her co-stars, framing them as intimate friends as well as scene partners.

Stay tuned to the Adult Empire Blog for more info about Joanna Angel’s Sex Unfiltered!

Big Butts porn video

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