Talk Derby To Me porn video

‘Talk Derby To Me’ Rolls Onto VOD (Exclusive Movie + Stoya Interview)

Stoya is far beyond the point where she needs to shoot a constant stream of movies to stake her claim as a top pornstar. She can pick and choose her projects judiciously, waiting for the best and most interesting starring roles to come her way. When Ricky Greenwood approached her about Talk Derby To Me, a roller derby porn movie styled after ’80s sports films, she quickly saw that it presented some unique possibilities. In addition to boasting an intriguing plot about competition and mentorship, the movie also afforded Stoya her first opportunity to shoot a sex scene with friend and colleague Joanna Angel. Adult Empire is pleased to present Talk Derby To Me as a VOD exclusive through September 19 (stream it here)! We had the unique opportunity to chat with Stoya about her experience shooting the movie. She also discusses ageism in porn, her new book Philosophy, Pussycats, and Porn, and much more. (The interview was recorded when Stoya was working on a project in Europe.) Watch it here:


Talk Derby to Me porn video

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