Alexis Texas pornstar first scene

Her First Scene: Alexis Texas

Where did it all start for big-booty beauty Alexis Texas? Let’s take a look back in this edition of “Her First Scene.”

Alexis Texas pornstarScene type: Boy/girl

Studio: Frat House Films

Where: Texas

When: October 2006

Co-star: Jack Venice

Released: 2007

How: Born in Panama but raised in Castroville, Texas, Alexis experienced early years were not so different from her peers, though she admits that her shapely posterior always gained attention from the opposite sex. “I just kind of tweaked it to enjoy my sexuality and make the boys all go crazy. All the boys enjoyed my big booty,” she told Adult DVD Talk in 2015. Texas fell into porn in 2006 when she was contacted by the Shane’s World series to appear in their Texas edition of the College Amateur Tour series. While contrived mockumentary “pickup” style scenarios are common in porn movies, Texas’s scene is not an instance of a porn pro pretending to be an amateur. “I didn’t even know it was porn at first. I thought it was a TV dating show,” Texas told Xcritic.

Trivia: While she’d soon be receiving star billing in virtually every movie she made, Texas is credited simply as “Alexis” and given a quiet spot in the movie’s secondary cast list.

Observations: After initially encountering Alexis in a bar during a night of sordid escapades, star Jack Venice stops by her house to pick her up for a potential scene. (Venice further claims that once he realized Texas might be interested in appearing on camera, he canceled his flight back to Los Angeles and extended his trip.) Alexis admits to being nervous and also says that she has never even watched porn before, let alone starred in it. Following some schmoozing with Alexis in the back seat of the car, Venice takes her to a peaceful spot in the countryside, where the pair slip out of their clothes. Texas allows Venice to take the lead, but her perfect body and impossible-to-miss screen presence make the scene a winner even with her in a more subdued mode than what we’d see in later movies.

The critics said: “It was her outgoing personality that I liked the most, making me thankful that she recently signed with LA Direct to begin her career in porn for real [ . . . ] her looks alone put her in a special place that will serve her well if she really tries to make it in the industry.” (Don Houston/Xcritic)

Quotable: “I had never thought about getting into porn, I had never looked at porn before. I was just comfortable with my sexuality and felt comfortable in my own skin. It’s art, it’s how I express myself. We’re not all stick figures so we should all embrace our womanly figures.” (as quoted by ADT)

Watch the full scene in College Amateur Tour: In Texas (starts at timecode 01:50:50).

College Amateur Tour: In Texas porn video starring Alexis Texas

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