Airplane mile high club

Viral Vid Catches Couple Joining the Mile High Club

It’s a long flight from London to Cancun, but there are many ways to pass the time. You can check out one of the in-flight movies, read a book, strike up a conversation with a neighbor, whip out your laptop, or simply have some wine and doze off. A couple on a recent flight from the U.K. to Mexico decided that those options were much too boring! They instead opted to reenact a porn scenario by slipping off to the W.C. for a little midair mischief. All well and good, but in this case, they got busted by the air hostesses, with the embarrassing episode all captured on video by one of their fellow passengers. Oh, did we mention that it was a Virgin Atlantic flight? The jokes for this almost write themselves! Check out the vid below! (It’s probably the first time we’ve ever heard a flight attendant say, “Would you jeopardize your holiday for a blowjob”? There’s also a quick glimpse of an extended middle finger pointed in the direction of the amorous couple.) For their trouble, the pair was greeted by police upon arrival in Cancun. To be fair, they’re obviously far from the first duo to get frisky on an airplane. Even pornstars can’t resist getting in on the act! Cindy Starfall recounted a lively tale of mile-high fun in her 2014 interview with Adult Empire.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

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