Liv Revamped stars in a Nubiles "shark week" scene.

This Nubiles ‘Shark’ Scene Is Bonkers, and We Love It

Most people don’t watch porn for the plot.

Well, most people are missing out.

There’s plenty of entertainment value to be found in porn’s non-sex moments, from trenchant performances to hilarious moments of randomness. It’s in this latter category that we find the third scene from NubilesFamily Swap 5, entitled “Shark Time of the Month.”

Star Liv Revamped first brought this sequence to my attention during a 2022 Adult Empire podcast interview. When asked to cite the single zaniest sequence she’d ever appeared in, she quickly mentioned Family Swap 5. She further noted that family roleplay sequences like this use setups so bizarre, they are hard to act in without breaking character. Suffice it to say Liv wasn’t kidding.

As the sequence opens, we pay a visit to Aaliyah Love and Damon Dice, who are watching over Liv Revamped and Juan El Caballo Loco as part of a “family swap.” (Don’t ask.) Liv and Juan El Caballo Loco playfully batter each other with paper plates that have been cut to resemble the toothy maws of two great white sharks.

Wait, what? Already, I’m intrigued. Just what is going on here? Who dreams these things up? (Comedic minds as sharp as those shark teeth, that’s who.) At first Aaliyah and Damon are clearly delighted at the playful rapport their younger counterparts have discovered. “These shark month crafts were a good idea, hon,” Aaliyah muses. “Looks like these two are really enjoying their . . . sharks and crafts,” responds Dice, with a perfect “Dad joke” pause before the shark pun.

Their amusement fades, though, when Liv and Juan move from playful to prurient. “I’m going to get that dick,” she says as she uses the paper-plate shark jaws to mime bites over Juan’s crotch. Turnabout is fair play, so Juan picks up his own shark jaws and jibes back, “I’m going to get those boobs!” (Both actors seem right on the edge of breaking character here, but nimble editing saves the day.)

Aaliyah and Damon unwisely decide to go to the kitchen to make this duo some lunch. When the return, they discover . . . well, words fail me here. Let’s just say that Juan isn’t wearing any pants, and Liv is making particularly creative use of the paper-plate shark-jaw prop.

Aaliyah has had enough. She yanks down Damon’s pants, seizes a couple paper plates, and heaves one of them on his dick like it’s a game of ring toss. Placing an additional shark jaw over her right boob, she thunders, “Do we look hot, or do we look ridiculous?” (Definitely the latter, but we’re not complaining.) Liv, with another perfectly timed comedic reaction, responds, “Actually . . he has a really nice cock.” Let the debauchery commence!

Someone really needs to make a supercut of all the Nubiles plot scenes. This could be the next viral sensation.

Check out a clip of the “shark month” scene here:

Watch the full sex scene when you buy Family Swap 5!



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