Tasha Reign Exclusive Guest Blog: Thinking Outside of the Pink Box

Editor’s note: This exclusive post was written by Elegant Angel contract star Tasha Reign.

When I fantasize about what other couples do to keep their relationships alive, I often find myself pondering how fascinating it is that we have to take such measures at all. They seem forced, don’t they? You have to think about how to maintain an exciting sex life, even into old age, both for your significant other and for your own sexual health. Let’s celebrate the fact we live in a country well on its way to normalizing sexuality, getting past gendered stereotypes, and reassessing what makes a couple a couple. Below are a few ideas that have personally helped me — an adult film actress of over six years and very sexually liberated individual — continually maintain a passion for myself, sexuality, and the opposite (or sometimes same) sex. Although I am not positive what is within your normal comfort zones, I can assure you that these will help get you out of them! (Please use your imaginations to substitute pronouns for men and women accordingly based on your relationship, genders and status!)

  • The Escort: Go big or go home, right? Technically, prostitution is illegal in all but a few states and counties. In case you are not up for traveling to the glamorous state of Nevada… I recommend an online website like seekingarrangements.com to find a match that is suitable for you and your significant other. Although controversial and potentially risky, this could be a relationship-saver and highlight of your life! Think birthday, holiday or any special occasion where you can really splurge! I am not attempting to impose some sort of polygamist lifestyle on you, but rather simply a way that sometimes allows for women to maintain that hunger for her now-in-desire man, or for men to watch their woman making out, receiving oral or more. Bringing into the bedroom someone whose only investment in your lives is sexual, not social, can be life-changing. Give it a whirl and call me in the morning!
  • Jenga: Or any similar interactive game. Thanks to the perverted spin I put on it, Jenga is undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to spend my evening when I’m in a relationship. I create a naughty world where I have rewards and favors — sometimes I add alcohol to the game to keep it frisky and help me let my guard down completely. Last time I did this, I got into comfy cloths and told my (now ex-boyfriend) “Moby” that I’d get to lick his ass and take charge if I won. So, I won and the rest in history! And no, we didn’t break up because of sex, but rather because he didn’t live in Los Angeles and weren’t compatible regarding certain social issues. Promise! Jenga nights are some of the hottest nights I have ever had.
  • Lingerie night and cooking: Get ready, set, go! I have recently started dating someone, but it’s been almost two months and we haven’t had sex! This is obviously by choice; I have decided that I want to make it special and wait for the right moment. I have picked out red, lacy beautiful lingerie that I intend on dressing up in. I went all out and got stockings, garter, bra and panty, and of course heels to boot. I will either cook for him or take him to my favorite restaurant in Malibu, Malibu Café, and then set the mood with candles and music at my house. I need to get a puppy- and piggy-sitter since I have a full house of animals! Then I will surprise him with my new outfit and put on a little strip show for him, where I will grind on his lap and make sure he truly gets the full experience. Believe it or not, the only time I really dress up in lingerie is for work, so I am very excited for this special night of first-time memories and of course, me in my new red lingerie. Selfies to come!
  • Bondage: The 50 Shades of Grey erotic series tapped into what every horny woman in America was missing. Indeed, their psychological desires were laid bare in a way that most men can’t and don’t understand. To this day, I hear men puzzle over the allure of fantasy rape and torture and how such things are just too “weird” or “fucked up” to do. The truth is, consent is everything, honesty is everything, and just being open with someone regarding your innermost desires is nothing to be ashamed of. Thinking otherwise is like equating being forced into a concentration camp with a willing vacation jaunt to the Bahamas with your partner. Consensual bondage and rape are completely different, and it’s okay to experiment with the former. I advise visiting your local toy store and grabbing some accessories, whips, masks, hand cuffs and just casually incorporating them into your usual routine. If you’re really brave, maybe plan a fuck-filled night of seduction and desires fulfilled, with controversial and shady scenarios you’ve never before experienced with your lover. Sharing this intimacy will bring you much closer together than ever before.
  • Erotic novel book club: I can only hope that my main man picks a sexy and tantalizing read for our freshly created book club. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to bed reading the same salacious story next to one another? Or be traveling for business and realize the same erotica you’re reading and possibly touching yourself to, is the exact one your man is fantasizing over? I know – the endless possibilities! I recommend my most influential erotica pick, Sleeping Beauty: The Trilogy, by Anne Rice. It’s curious and strange, in all the best ways, and certainly has had a powerful effect on me and millions of other Rice fans. It is anything but cheesy and extremely well written, creative and unique. Reading together will help draw you closer to one another and build a stronger mental and sexual bond.
  • Having a one-night-a-week oral night: Who doesn’t love oral? Every guy I have dated wanted blowjobs. Thankfully, I am good at giving them and happy to do so. And just as much as I enjoy giving, I also enjoy receiving head. That’s why I have made up a minimum of a once-a-week oral night, where you pleasure your significant other, without the expectation of sex. I would recommend the man starting on the woman first. Finish her off and then allow her to return the favor. Men are more into the sexual moment before they cum, while women can come a bunch of times and then still want more (**thanks God!**). I suggest making sure everyone is nice and tidy, trimmed, clean, smelling their best and ready for that moment.  Giving head can be more personal than actually having sex, so just be cordial and enthusiastic!

Hopefully these tips help you in achieving sexually intimacy, spicy bedroom behavior, and ultimately get you outside your comfort zone in the boudoir!


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