An Interview with Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire: Fetish’s Royal Couple

Black performers in fetish content is nothing new, but like everything else, there’s still a ways to go in terms of representation and recently I was able to speak with two outstanding stars who are doing their part to create a more open and explorative space. Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire are a husband and wife tag teaming duo whose been teaching sexual education and creating content for a long time under their Royal Fetish Films brand and their first release to Adult Empire, Fetish Training: Double Domination, was such a hit that we knew we needed to talk to them. We discussed everything from how they met to the challenges they face to balancing marriage and work and I promise you’re in for a treat!

Please Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity

Adult Empire: Yes. Hello. Hello, King. It’s so it’s so good to be speaking with you guys. Thank you for taking this time out for us.

King Noire: Thank you for having us.

You guys have been around for a while but you may be new to some of our customers so let’s start with the basics. What made you want to join the industry?

Jet Setting Jasmine: We met on a radio show and at the time, I was exploring all different types of relationship styles, sex and sexuality and this was 12 years ago, so much earlier in the podcast years. I was very interested in King and the fact that his work spanned from live sex work to therapy and then using the profits from his records to build a medical center and a school. So for me coming into the conversation with these really heavy politics as well as a layer of the stigma that we were socialized to believe about sex workers, I was like wow, this is this is exciting. This person exists in these different worlds. It would be really interesting to learn a little bit more. So we had the interview, and then we started working together throwing hosting Fantasy Flight parties around the country. For me, the angle was helping women that look like me. King was doing these erotic touch massages, and dancing at parties, and he was able to fuse that, along with the opportunity of allowing these women to ask these questions, and then really reflect back to them. What do you want? Can you articulate that to your partner? And if you can articulate that to your partner, and they can articulate what they want, then you can have like this one on one connection versus this very, like Cosmo Style magazine. What do men want? That’s our beginnings.

King Noire: I had been in the industry and had some wild experiences. I’m from the New Jersey, New York area and at the time, when I first started getting into the industry, it was not, and still isn’t, a place where many films are tailored for us. So the fetish scene was really big and I was like, really immersed in that. Most of my work was like private clients and things like that. And then people started reaching out about, you know, filming, and I swear that the first like real scene that I ever did was just some guy who was just paying people to fuck his wife and other people on camera. It’s probably sitting somewhere. It was never released but the exhibitionist in me was just like, oh, I love this! But a lot of the things that people would want to hire me for would be extremely racially charged.

Can you tell us more about that?

King Noire: it would be like, I’m not a human being I’m just black dick floating through space, and it just didn’t feel right. So I stopped and decided not to do anything on camera. I was working on my music and traveling and then I met jasmine and we started doing the parties. That’s where I noticed things that might be a fetish for our community. I’d dance and have on my fresh pair Jordans or something like that and people would go crazy! All in all different people have all kinds of different fetishes, but like discrediting the things that we are into the cultural style our jewelry, or however we present ourselves, discrediting that is also making you miss out on all the beauty that it brings. So from there we decided to do more and film more but to also plan it out more.

How did the sex education part become so important to you? 

Jet Setting Jasmine: I know, for me, starting this out was about my own exploration. I wanted to learn and have fun. I noticed at these parties women were asking questions so I wanted to give them enough time and space to process not only what was happening but how they were feeling and were those feelings were coming from. And for me, as a therapist who helped walk people through things, I brought those very natural talents to a topic we were passionate about. And a topic that other people of color, black folk, people that are okay with sharing some of their other lived experience in relationship to sex were doing at the time. So I think that is really like kind of how our education and workshop and still being kinky, sexy and having fun developed.

What are some of the challenges that you guys have faced in the fetish world and how do you overcome that on a day to day basis?

I think I think the challenges are both unique to fetish, but also at the same time, a microcosm of challenges that we face, as black folk, everywhere. When we walk into a space, whether it’s a dungeon, or a board meeting, people are already looking at us and stereotyping, because of all of the things that they’ve always been told about why we don’t belong in the places and spaces that we walk into. I think the part that’s unique to the BDSM comes from two different perspectives. First, from our own people. We’ll hold that opinion that fetish is a white people thing. And there are, of course, things that were unique to Europe, just as there are things that are unique to Africa, Asia, South and North America. And at the same time it’s like, as black people in America, our sex has been dictated to us.

So I’ve already watched Fetish Training: Double Domination 3 times and it feels so authentic. It’s like watching friends get together and explore each other to create art. How did you guys build all that chemistry with each other?

Jet Setting Jasmine: So that’s so interesting that you say that. We like to sit everyone down and ask how are you feeling today? We try to create as comfortable of an environment as possible, while still a professional environment. So while it might look like we spent hours together really we just sat down and took the time to get to know each other. We also have really really good snacks on set!

King Noire: Yeah we always have those those energetic natural fruits.

Would you guys consider yourselves health nuts?

Jet Setting Jasmine: I am in my postpartum body. we have Two children under five and four in total. So a lot of the work like the body conscious aspect of the porn industry has been an interesting challenge. To see the timeline of my body in a body of work that has been really interesting, seeing myself from being pregnant to you know what it looks like with two kids now for all of these, these aspects that can sometimes be very, very challenging and, and stir up a lot of negative things. I’ve been able to use it in just a very different way. I guess another aspect of exploration. I also get to work with my partner and since we’re a couple he knows me, my lighting, my angles, and things like that.

King Noire: I think that I really enjoy seeing what kind of exercises and workouts and foods I can eat and how they’ll show up in my life. I do look at what I do as being a sexual athlete. And then to build off what Jasmine said, I’ve had men approach me and say they didn’t know how to approach their wives sexually after she gave birth. So I think by watching us people get to feel more comfortable with their own bodies because we show that you don’t have to look a certain way.

That’s pretty awesome! Do you guys ever sit back and reflect on the influence you’ve had in the industry as well as in the community?

King Noire: Sometimes I completely forget what we do for a living. Or people will look at me, and I’m like, oh shit, you recognize me. Not everybody is always comfortable with admitting to how they know but when they are and they tell us what they’ve learned from us that’s always an honor.

What’s it like being married and working together?

Jet Setting Jasmine: It’s always been a part of our relationship. I think that is something that we don’t take for granted. Like, it’s a huge, huge part of me, it’s it’s an integral part of our relationship, our work, our family, and our general day to day. I really don’t know what it was like to not work with King.

King Noire: People assume working with your partner might bring out the worst in your relationship. But for me, working with jasmine, I feel like it’s brought out the best in us. Not to say that it’s perfect, but it’s like like being on a good team. When you have somebody else at the top of their game that makes you push to be at the top of yours as well.

Right! As long as you get the win!

King Noire: I feel like being that we’re a couple, automatically you have that we’re going to win mentality.

Thank you both again for taking the time out to talk to us. This has been a great conversation!

Both: You’re welcome and thank you for having us.

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