Facials: Yay or Nay? Pornstars Weigh In

Deep Throat brought the external cumshot into the limelight, and nothing in porn has ever been the same since! Facials have become one of the most common styles of porn cumshots, but just what do pornstars really think of these scenes? Are they fun, or are they an annoying chore to be suffered through? In a new edition of Ask A Porn Star, Wood Rocket chats with a lineup of performers, male and female, to find out their real opinions.

Many stars interviewed in the vid profess an unqualified love of facials. Few are as enthusiastic as Sophia Grace, who notes, “If you could literally just pour cum on me, I’d be cool with it.” Trillium also frames her love of facials as a veritable addiction, observing: “I’ve been nicknamed by my friends [as a] cumaholic.”

Veteran performer Katie Morgan, who has presumably logged many facials in the course of her long career, is indifferent to facials but likes how her partners react to them. “I don’t dislike it, and I enjoy how much my partner often seems to like it. That’s more for his enjoyment than mine. But I don’t not like it,” she notes. August Ames has had the opposite experience in her personal life — she asks her husband to do it sometimes, but he is reluctant. “He feels bad! He’s like, ‘No, I don’t want to feel like I’m doing something disrespectful to you,'” Ames says.

Marley Brinx is not a fan and isn’t afraid to say so, noting, “No, I don’t really like facials, because the makeup artist spends an hour and a half on my face prior to make it all pretty. I would like to go out in that same makeup.”

The sensory aspect is important, both in negative and positive ways. “There are some cumshots that just smell really weird. I feel like sometimes I’ll be scrubbing my face and I just can’t get the smell off,” observes Kenzie Taylor. “When I first started, I did not enjoy giving facials to girls, because it made me really nervous that I’d miss her face or that I’d get her in the eye. Because I’m always trying to be nice to the girls, and I was terrified,” says Ryan McLane. He apparently hasn’t shot a scene with Cindy Starfall, who revels in the sensory experience of every facial: “One of my favorite things to do . . . is blowing up cum bubbles and being very messy.”

Jenna J. Ross even claims that frequent facials are the secret of her good skin: “I enjoy cum on my face, yes – I think it’s what keeps me looking so youthful. But I don’t like it in my eyeball.”

The consensus? Facials can be pretty awesome, as long as they smell nice, aren’t directed into a girl’s eyes, and come from genuine in-the-moment chemistry.

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Blog featured image: Carter Cruise in Facialized Vol. 2

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