Barbie Feels stars in a hotwife porn clip.

Is Hotwifing Misunderstood? Pornstars Weigh In

“My husband and I have an understanding.”

It’s a simple, deceptively mundane phrase, but in the right context, it can unlock a whole new world of shared passions. Open-minded, sexually curious spouses are at the crux of hotwifing, a practice that has become popular in swinger culture and the porn movies it has inspired.

Hotwife‘ is a term that is used in swinger communities to refer to a wife, or typically a partner of someone, who is allowed to have intimate relationships with others,” said sex therapist Moushumi Ghose in a Men’s Health rundown on the topic. Google Trends notes a surge in popularity for the term starting about 10 years ago, the same time that “hotwife” began to appear in the titles of studio pornography. To celebrate Adult Empire’s new hotwife porn video sale [ends 5/2024], we assembled perspectives on the topic from our archive of pornstar interviews.

What is the biggest appeal of hotwifing?

Holly Hotwife

“I believe it appeals to most people because it’s sort of taboo. Swinger/lifestyle dynamics are becoming somewhat accepted now. But men don’t normally encourage their wives to go out alone and have naughty fun with other men without them being there. They want to join in on the fun. This is outside the comfort zone for most men, so it’s a fantasy.Read more >>

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Sofi Marie

“The best part is what I call ‘aftermath.’  The best sex I have is the sex with my husband after we, he or me has fucked someone else on set or in the lifestyle.  The connection we experience together is  extraordinarily special and powerful.  I also love my Hotwife dates, they are so naughty to me.  After 10 years together we both still get “butterflies”, and we trust and respect each other.” Read more >>

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What are the biggest misconceptions about hotwifing?

Krystal Davis

“First, I think people think that hotwives are unhappy with their marriage or their husbands can satisfy them that they need another man.  It can’t be further from the truth. In fact, hotwives are in solid marriage that is why they can enjoy other men’s company without worry. Second, hotwives are forced to be one, this is not true being shared cannot be done if all parties are not in it together.  No one can force you to be a hotwife. You have to either enjoy it or it’s not for you, there’s no in between.” Read more >>

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Christina Sapphire

“Some common misconceptions about the hotwife niche are that it’s all for the wife’s needs, or contrarily, that it’s all for the husband’s needs. Neither of these are true although any given relationship might weigh heavier on one side or the other. Many outsiders also think that all cuckolds are subs, that they are all viewed as lessor by their wives and by the bulls (additional males). Many hotwife relationships include power exchange in and out of the bedroom, but don’t necessarily make the Cuckold male into a figure of ridicule and humiliation. That is definitely included in some cuckold/hotwife relationships because it is what requested by the male partner, but it’s not a requirement or in play all the time even in relationships where it is included.” Read more >>

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What are your thoughts on hotwife porn?

Krystal Sparks

“Absolutely adore it! It’s not acting—it’s just another day in my fabulous life. With my husband cheering me on (he’s the president of my fan club), it’s not just a role, it’s a standing ovation every time.”

“My journey into performing started quite organically through personal experiences with my husband. We decided to document our hotwife lifestyle and share it on OnlyFans, which unexpectedly opened the door to the adult industry. Through our adventures, we met the professional adult actor Marcus London, who not only collaborated with us but also shared invaluable insights into the craft. This collaboration led to connections with other industry professionals and eventually to the idea of getting an agent.” Read more >>

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Barbie Feels

“I’ve been loving B/G hotwife scenes where my husband sends me a man to satisfy me! It’s an empowering scenario because there are two men pleasing me in different ways which I find really hot.” Read more >>

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What’s your advice to people new to hotwifing and swinging?

Sofie Marie

“Remember the three T’s:  Trust, Truth, and Talk.  If you trust each other completely, and that trust is never violated, swinging can work.  Always tell the truth about feelings, experiences, and fantasies so your partner knows your heart and mind, and talk all the time.  Failure couples seem to come down to secrets. If you have secret chats, fantasies or fears, you are separated from your partner and that space can be filled with all sorts of bad feelings and insecurities. So, no secrets with your partner is a key to successful swinging.” Read more >>













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