Latest Leak News Includes WWE Wrestler

It seems like everywhere you turn on the net there is some news of another photo leak. Sure this stuff is fun for people because everyone wants to see their favorite stars naked and learn that they are just like us – sending nude selfies to their friends – but it’s not so much fun for the stars themselves because they never intended for the pics to get released. However, once it happens, they are usually not too sad about it because of all the attention and fame it can bring to a mid-level celebrity. Regardless, it’s big news when it happens, and the latest leak has some juicy pics. It includes images of the former WWE wrestler Victoria. She’s already had one leak in which some pics got released of her doing some naughty sex acts, but now she’s had some nudes put out on the web.
Victoria is not the only WWE star to have pics released that weren’t meant for your eyes. It’s also happened to Charlotte Flair, Paige and Summer Rae. Of course with pics like these there is always the possibility that someone just photoshopped their head onto a hot body, and there are whole online forums dedicated to that, but sometimes it’s just hard to deny! In this latest leak, the pics are racy sure, but they’re not fully nude and most of them are of Victoria in some sexy lingerie. She looks great and she should be proud to have such an amazing body that all of her fans clearly adore!

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Featured image: Unsplash