Director Spotlight: Greg Lansky

If you’ve been following the porn industry for the past few years, then you know there is one guy who is kind of revolutionizing porn as we know it. His name is Greg Lansky and he has been a director for some of the major companies before branching off to start his own brands. In […]

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Pornstar Spotlight: Goldie

When you’re searching for a pornstar who is pretty fresh on the scene, there are some usual suspects to come across. There’s Lana Rhoades and the latest crop of girls to hit it big. One girl who is amazing but hasn’t been mentioned much is Goldie. Much like some of the top pop stars of […]

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Handjobs: The Unsung Heroes of Porn

When you’re hooking up with someone and you don’t have any condoms or something, and you can’t fuck or give a BJ for some reason, there is still the trusty old handjob to get you through. Some people look down on this sex act for reasons that are unknown to many. It’s a very hot […]

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The Not So Secret History of Porn

Author Ross Benes recently wrote a book called The Sex Effect, which is basically all about sex! He wrote an article for Business Insider about the things he was surprised to learn about while writing this book, the topic of which is about how the porn industry has always driven technology, at least for the […]

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