Pornstar Interview: Kendra Cole

Kendra Cole is a sexy petite tatted up star with a fun outgoing personality and an insatiable kinky appetite perfect for the world of adult entertainment. If you’re already familiar with her squirting may be the first thing that comes to mind, but in this recent interview we touch on her first double penetration experience, what it’s like attending award shows and interacting with her fans, and her great advice for newcomers looking to get their start in a challenging yet rewarding industry. Sit back and learn all about her love for her pets, how she likes to unwind at the end of a busy day, and her first experience at a pig beach.

Adult Empire: What is your favorite part of attending events like AVN and XBIZ?

Kendra Cole: My favorite part of attending events like AVN and XBIZ are meeting the fans, and the energy they bring to the conventions!

What’s it like to meet your fans at these events?

I love it! I’ve never understood the idea of hating meeting your fans. They’re the ones who got you where you are, and if you are nice to them, they will become your biggest support system!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

There are too many places to name. I want to see all the beautiful hidden corners of the world, and if I’m lucky, orgasm in paradise as well!

You’ve been in several squirting scenes. What is it like to film that content?

I love being able to squirt, but it is not guaranteed every time like a man cumming. Squirting is a very fickle mistress, especially if you’re new to it! It can come in a rush like a bottle exploding, or it can just dribble out. You really have to explore the body to see if your body wants to.

Shooting a movie for specifically squirting is a little different than squirting on one’s own in the middle of a regular scene. In a squirt movie we want to get as much liquid on camera as possible, so in that case, we hydrate like CRAZY and after we run out of squirt, we can just push out a big clear pee stream. But that doesn’t mean that squirting is pee.

Tell us about your DP scene with Richard Mann and Hollywood Cash (see scene 3 of Double Penetration Fixation 4)?

Oh my goodness it was absolutely amazing. It was my first DP EVER! I had done one gangbang, but I had never had two cocks in both holes before. It was more incredible than I could have thought. I was a little nervous but they fit perfectly and left me craving rounds 2, 3, and 4!

You’ve shared many pictures and videos from your trip to the pig beaches. What was that like?

OMG I loved it. I had been wanting to go there for a while and when I got told to pick a place, Pig Beach was it, no question in my mind, i needed to go to the piggies! It was magical. I didnt want to leave. I want to go back and try to find a tour that will let you hang out with them longer! I spent most of my time laying in the sand watching the babies hide in the bushes and eat the carrots we were giving to feed them. The big ones were incredible as well. The only pigs I’ve ever seen are farm pigs, never wild. I was watching so many videos before hand in excitement and it was interesting to see how many people forgot these pigs are in fact wild and not petting zoo animals lol. They’d start chasing people for carrots, as they are very used to being fed these days. I loved every second of it!

What show are you currently binging?

I’m re-watching Big Bang Theory actually and the new season of SVU.

Do you prefer to film content with studios or independently?

I like both in different ways but I prefer studio filming more actually. I really love a big production with a big crew and I love being in the middle of it all, especially getting the chance to act out a different type of scene with more cast involvement and seeing how it all comes together in the end.  At first I was scared to do anything other than sex on camera. For me, sex was the easy part, but speaking and showing other talent scared me. But once I got into my grove, something in me let go and I realized I wanted to act as well.

Independently you can absolutely create a bigger cast and make a bigger production but independently for me generally is 2-4 people shooting trade, sometimes hiring a camera man and sometimes just shooting POV. The plus of this is you can get the content back right away if you’re eager to show your fans and don’t want to wait on a big release day. You get full control when shooting for yourself, so if you don’t like to follow a script, want shorter set days, or really like gonzo content then independent may be for you. There are definitely pros to both sides!

What’s something you haven’t done for a scene that you want to do?

I have never been suspended by rope and it has been a goal of mine. I’ve also never tried double vaginal penetration, or a destination shoot, which would be magical. Travel sex with a view makes me horny!

If you could film a scene with anyone, who would it be?

All of the Skarsgard brothers, please…

What does a typical day look like for you?

Generally my schedule would be similar to waking up, loving on the kids (my pets) make or skip breakfast, workout, come back, and turn on some background TV while I work on the computer. I may scroll-zombie break, food break, masturbate, eat, sleep repeat lol…something like that. If it’s nice out I love to squeeze in a hike with my dog, or I’ll take him to the park. I Love watching him live his best life.

Do you have any advice for others thinking about joining the porn industry?

Take it slow (work hard but don’t do all of your “fists” at once). Do this because you want to, not because you want fast cash. You could strip or find other sex work to try first if money is the only reason. This is permanent, you’re on the internet naked forever and people will always bully you for it (mostly online) You will lose friends and you may lose family, but you will also gain a community. We support each other but this is a hard industry. You have to want it. Really want it. If you still decide you want to do this, to explore your own sexuality and yourself, then do it with everything you have. Be great at it, aim to be the best like you would with any job. The more you love what you’re doing the less you’ll care what anyone ever says and the easier the climb will be for you. Remember on hard days that this community will support you. Do this because you’re filthy and want to explore, don’t just do it for fast cash. We love our sluts, so if you’re ready to be one we will embrace you with loving arms and all the toys you can dream of.

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