Play ‘The Perverse Games of a Posh Wife’ (VOD Exclusive)

Wanna play?

That’s a dangerous question to ask Anna Polina‘s character in Marc Dorcel‘s The Perverse Games of a Posh Wife. When her husband, Eric, embarks on an affair with a beautiful blonde, he doesn’t realize that this infidelity will be the first salvo in a twisted game of sexual one-upmanship.

The movie is structured in a flashback format. The opening scene finds Anna and Eric driving along a highway at night, exchanging dialogue that establishes the frosty nature of their relationship. “There’s lots of roadblocks, huh?” Eric muses, in a vain attempt at conversation that subtly underlines the disconnect between the two. “Uh-huh, and is that a problem?” Anna responds, before demanding that Eric let her out of the car. When Eric gives chase, following Anna into a wooded area, he finds her engaging in a series of seemingly random sexual encounters with a lineup of very willing men. How did their marriage reach such a surreal and bizarre pass? As we ponder this unusual state of affairs, the action then switches to a more idyllic poolside scene, six months earlier, to fill in the gaps . . .

With its dark and fatalistic take on love and relationships, the movie is about as thoroughly French as it is possible to be. The sex scenes are passionate and edgy, laden with the emotional heft of the complex relationship of the primary characters. Even the name of the movie has intriguing subtleties! The original title name of the movie contains the word “bourgeoise” (roughly signifying “upper middle class”), a term loaded with cultural and historical implications. The Mercedes Benz featured on the movie’s cover further reinforces the class status of the film’s protagonist. Are these the scandalous and shocking acts that lurk behind the facade of the ruling class? The Posh Wife holds the answers!

The film was helmed by prolific Marc Dorcel director Herve Bodilis, who was also behind the camera for the company’s mega-hit Megan Escort Deluxe. It’s another subtle and sophisticated effort, and it’s available exclusively on Adult Empire VOD until April 30th! Stream it here.

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