Dani Daniels Gets ‘Blacked’

Just what does it mean to get “blacked”? Dani Daniels and more are about to find out . . . and you’ll be able to watch every moment! The upcoming black-on-white extravaganza Dani Daniels: Deeper is the latest from a studio that’s quickly been making an indelible mark on the adult DVD marketplace.

Blacked combines high-end photography worthy of an elegant fashion shoot with the kick of interracial action. It’s this distinctive blend of gorgeous visuals and full-throttle sex that’s pushed My First Interracial near the top of the Adult DVD Empire bestsellers list and promises to make Dani Daniels: Deeper an equally sizable hit.

“They have an innovative, fresh vision for the interracial market, with high-end production value and exclusive content,” said Jules Jordan, whose company is distributing Blacked movies on DVD. Paris-born Greg Lansky has occupied the director’s chair for both Blacked DVD releases, bringing his glamorous European sensibilities and extensive fashion photography experience to every  single frame.

“Blacked and Greg Lansky did an incredibly stylish job in putting together this Dani Daniels showcase. Her passion is amazing and the videography/photography is beautiful; we look forward to sharing this with our customers,” continued Jordan.

“I am proud and also thrilled about my movie showcase from Blacked. It’s beautiful but also so real. This movie is perfectly in touch with who I am, it’s everything I wanted and more! I grow closer and closer to my fans every day and the support and love I’ve received so far is amazing. I’m just genuinely happy,” Dani Daniels told AVN.

Director Lanksy was equally pleased with the experience of shooting Dani’s first interracial scenes: “I’m really excited for this movie. Dani is so talented—she’s a true artist and a perfectionist like me. I’m very proud of what we did together, and collaborating with her was truly something amazing.”

Dani Daniels: Deeper is slated for a mid-September release. Pre order it now!

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