VOD Studio Spotlight: Perv City

Perv City is one metropolis you can roam around in completely uninhibited, with all your dirtiest desires unchecked.

Much of popular porn these days approaches sex with the look of a fashion shoot. There’s plenty of hardcore action, but it’s framed in an elegant and refined visual style. Perv City opts for a much more aggressive approach, with lingering shots of all the dirtiest, sexiest moments. Perv City’s Maestro Claudio described the company’s style to AVN earlier this year: “Nothing is left to the imagination and the clearest details of the action, the most suitable shots and the most vivid close-ups are offered to the viewer in a way that they can enjoy them the whole show as if they were a live spectator.” A gonzo-style point-of-view perspective gives you the perfect perch every time.

A quick glance at any of Perv City’s movies demonstrates how accurate Claudio’s description is. Perv City’s House of Gapes compiles shots and scenes of anal action that gives you all the vibrant detail of every gaping pornstar contained within. Deep Throat League #3 is loaded to the brim with wet, sloppy blowjobs. Slurping, gagging, messy cumshots — these are BJs at their intense best!

Bubble Butt Beauty Queens is the latest effort from Perv City and stars Eva Lovia. Let’s just say that their bubble is about to “burst” in the dirtiest and most passionate way imaginable. Check out Perv City movies here!

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