Swedish Town Considers Giving Employees an Hour-Long Sex Break

Getting paid to have sex is what one Swedish official has proposed in order to improve work-life balance and lift the local birthrate. Workers in Sweden are entitled to 25 work days of annual leave (5 weeks) and is known for having one of the most generous parental-leave policies, supplying workers with 480 days of paid time off to care for their children as well as universal health care for all.

Swedish official, Per-Erik Muskos, a councilman from the small town of Overtornea, has announced plans to give the municipality’s 550 employees paid time off to have sex. “We should encourage procreation. I believe that sex is often in short supply. Everyday life is stressful and the children are at home,” Muskos explained in his motion. “This could be an opportunity for couples to have their own time, only for each other.”

Research proves that sex generally improves your mood through the next day. You feel happier and tend to be more productive at work. It’s important to maintain your mental health if you’re going to be a productive employee. In a study published in the Journal of Management proved that people who couldn’t fully leave the office at the end of the day (checking emails, phone calls, etc.) had worse sex lives which in turn made them less productive the following day at work. We think Official Muskos might be on to something!

Read the full article here.

What do you think about a paid sex break?

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