Homegrown Joins Unlimited: ‘Hardcore By the People, For the People’

Nowadays, amateur porn is only a few keystrokes away, but when Homegrown Video established itself in 1982, the idea of distributing home-brewed adult entertainment to a wide audience was new. Thirty-four years later, rival labels and tube sites have sought to equal Homegrown, yet they still can’t match the company’s award-winning history and incredible back catalog of movies. The studio now adds another chapter to its storied history by becoming available on Adult Empire Unlimited.

Homegrown’s raw, real movies make an ideal complement to the glossy, high-key fantasies of Unlimited’s existing offerings. The studio’s scenes are all user-submitted, permitting viewers a chance to slip into bedrooms and see how real people get dirty behind closed doors. (Their current logo even slyly plays on the HGTV logo, reinforcing the connection between Homegrown and the sultry side of domestic routines.) As a result, the company’s philosophy has aptly been described as “hard-core videos by the people, for the people.”

Home video technology opened the door for Homegrown in the early ’80s when a small band of amateurs decided they wanted to share their sexual experiences with the world. “When [Homegrown Video 1] was released . . . no one involved could predict the impact it would have on adult video. Not only did it create an entirely new genre — amateur — but it also influenced how professional smut producers approached their craft,” Homegrown’s Moffitt T. told AVN in 2008. That first title is now cited by AVN as one of the most influential porn movies ever released. The influence goes far beyond that initial movie — Homegrown’s output is impressive in terms of sheer volume alone. The company’s signature series, simply entitled Homegrown Video, saw the release of its 853th volume on DVD earlier this year. Other series from the company include Swingers, Amateur Anal Attempts, Horny Over 40 and more.

While most contemporary porn labels have moved toward a posh, upscale look, Homegrown’s user-submitted movies revel in their unfiltered, in-the-moment style. This approach gives them an alluring immediacy that’s difficult to find in any other porn offerings on the market today. And while tube sites have provided a new venue for amateur content, they still can’t match Homegrown’s prestige. “Homegrown Video isn’t some hastily thrown together mishmash of amateur content that you can find on any old tube site. No, it’s an exclusive collection dating all the way back to the early ’80s,” said Porn Inspector in their review of the studio.

Browse Homegrown Video on Unlimited here. Not a member of Unlimited? Learn more and sign up here.


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