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Former Adult Star Jessie Andrews Turns Fashion Entrepreneur

Ever wonder what pornstars do after they retire from the adult business? Jessie Andrews offers one remarkable example of career success once the director yells “Cut!” for the final time. After a six-year stint as a pornstar that saw her win an AVN for Portrait of a Call GirlAndrews dabbled in DJ’ing for a time (read more here). She has now turned full-fledged entrepreneur, complete with her own series of fashion lines. She discussed her new path with Megan Bruneau in a recent interview for The Failure Factor podcast.

She has plenty of advice for aspiring businesspersons. Some of it is basic but occasionally easy to forget. “Google is honestly the greatest tool,” she told Bruneau. “If you don’t know how to do something, ‘Google it.’  Don’t just sit around and ask yourself questions you don’t know. It’s not going to come to you in a dream – ask Google!”

Andrews also emphasizes that not every aspect of starting a business, even one in fashion design, is going to be glamorous. “[A lot of people] want to hop on what’s cool and new. [They] want the brand and the success – without working hard. [They] want to start a brand, but don’t want to sit and ship. [They] don’t want to sit there and build a website on their own. I have friends now that want to have a brand, I tell them ‘If you really want to do it, you have to be dedicated…you have to want to work hard,” she noted in the podcast.

Andrews’s business comprises four product lines: Bagatiba (fine jewelry), Basic Swim (swimwear), Jeu Illimité (Parisian-style ready-to-wear items), and Petiue (sun care items).

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