Oral Sex Tips From Belle Knox

Belle Knox, the 19-year-old Duke University porn star gave Thought Catalog 8 tips on how to give great oral sex. Belle writes, ‘Over my years as a sexual woman and porn star, I have learned a few things when it comes to sex and my favorite sexual experience, oral sex. I think it’s the sexiest thing anyone can do. In the spirit of spreading the love, I have compiled a few tips that I have picked up for you to give the best head ever.’

1. When eating a girl out, suck on her clit. Literally.

2. When giving a guy a blow job, don’t forget to use some tongue.

3. You can deep throat – or do something close to it.

4. Use hand action!

5. Take his dick all the way in your mouth and throat, hold it there for a second, and then swallow.

6. Make eye contact.

7. Talk dirty.

8. Show your enthusiasm.

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