Best of the Sale Twistys

Best of the Sale: Digital Playground, Twistys & Babes on VOD

Movies from three studios known for blockbuster action and eye-candy visuals are on sale now (ends 9/30/19): Digital Playground, Twistys, and Babes! Get the party started with four highlight picks: Code of Honor For budgetary and logistical reasons, creating a porn movie with an action-movie theme is always tricky, but Digital Playground has shown a […]

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Belle Knox Biopic ‘From Straight A’s to XXX’ Gets a ‘C’

Like Belle Knox herself, From Straight A’s To XXX is stuck in an awkward position. Knox lived a dual life of pornstar and student, and Lifetime’s recent biopic about her tries to live the similar parallel existence of salacious porn exposé and thoughtful, incisive telefilm. Knox ultimately wasn’t able to balance the two, and nor is this […]

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Belle Knox Will Be the Subject of a New TV Biopic

College tuition isn’t cheap, but there are many ways to pay the bills. Some students take on work study jobs; others fight for scholarships; still others take on massive student loans and hope a successful career will quickly pay them down. Miriam Weeks (aka Belle Knox) found herself in the same tricky financial situation, and […]

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Sex Toys

Feel the Real… Belle Knox

Doc Johnson released Belle Knox’s UR3 Fresh Meat Stroker and we’ve had a hard time keeping it in stock! The fresh, young co-ed may look innocent but if you’ve seen her films, you know she’s not. If you haven’t seen them – click here! The ex-Duke University co-ed wants you to feel why she’s one […]

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Pornstar News

Oral Sex Tips From Belle Knox

Belle Knox, the 19-year-old Duke University porn star gave Thought Catalog 8 tips on how to give great oral sex. Belle writes, ‘Over my years as a sexual woman and porn star, I have learned a few things when it comes to sex and my favorite sexual experience, oral sex. I think it’s the sexiest […]

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Studio News

Larry Flynt Looks Back at 40 Years of Hustler

Larry Flynt is so synonymous with adult publishing that it’s sometimes easy to forget that he’s much more than a name associated with an iconic brand. AVN spoke with Flynt on the occasion of Hustler’s 40th anniversary. Here are some highlights from their interview: What were your expectations for Hustler when you founded it in […]

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Studio News

Life Begins At 40: Hustler’s Anniversary Edition Debuts

Hustler just keeps on hustling, even after a remarkable 40 years as one of the most famous adult entertainment publications. If Playboy is the smooth, sophisticated gentleman, dapperly dressed and drinking Old Fashioneds out of a heavy-bottomed tumbler; Hustler is the wild and crazy brother, decked out in leather and knocking back Irish Car Bombs. […]

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Strange but True

When It Raines, It Pours: College Student Offers Her Virginity to the Highest Bidder [UPDATED]

It may sound like the premise of a summer-movie sex comedy, but it’s not appearing at a multiplex near you anytime soon. Nope, you can get a front row seat for this high-concept idea by pulling up a virtual chair in cyberspace: college student “Elizabeth Raine” (a pseudonym) is auctioning off her virginity. The auction’s […]

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Guest Blogger

What’s in a Name?

The ongoing saga of Belle Knox got me thinking about names in porn. I mean, there have been so few who have performed under their own names, and I can understand why. What I understand much less is why someone would change names midstream. Yes, Shawna Lenee was Kyra Minor—that may have been a pre/post-surgery […]

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