Anastasia Pierce Productions Offers Kink With Style

anastasia pierce

Think kink. Latex, bondage, boots, lingerie, domination, fetish games. Then think again, because Anastasia Pierce Productions presents them with a distinct spin you won’t find anywhere else. The company brings you everything you love about all-girl kink, packaged within an eye-candy visual style that makes all of their movies veritable feasts of sense and sensuality.

For company founder Anastasia Pierce, bondage is not the demeaning power play it is sometimes parodied as. Forget gritty dungeons and pointless debasement. Instead, it’s an empowering sex-positive exploration of all the rich pleasures that desire can provide. Hardcore fetish fans and general adult movie fans will find plenty to appreciate in their ever-growing catalog of lesbian lust.

Since her company is independently owned, Anastasia is able to exercise full creative control over her features, meaning they are all marked by her unique aesthetic, and unified by their interest in pushing sexual boundaries in a punchy yet tasteful way. All elements of her movies — from the sets to the costumes right down to the cover art designs — are carefully constructed by Anastasia to maintain the high level of artistry and eroticism to which she rigorously adheres.

Though Swiss by birth, Anastasia is in many ways a quintessential American success story. She came to the United States from Europe hoping to fulfill the American dream, accomplishing that goal in the most exceptional of ways with a career as fetish model, director, and performer.

Looking for a few of Anastasia’s best features to get a flavor of her approach? Aroused features a rare new appearance by superstar Tera Patrick in a team-up that fulfilled one of Pierce’s longstanding wish-list collaborations. “It was a dream of mine to work with her,” Anastasia said. (Some of Anastasia’s other favorite on-screen collaborators include Kendra James, Emily Addison and Angela Sommers.) The movie also spotlights an impressive display of many of Anastasia’s favorite themes, including whips, role play, leather, latex, domination and more.

Anastasia’s movies include innovative narrative features to go along with their finely tuned aesthetic sense. Kinky Medical incorporates a creative sequence with a functioning EKG machine monitoring performer heart rates as the action and climaxes grow more intense! Take our word for it . . . it’s one scene that will elevate more than just your heart rate.

Lesbian fetish fun has never had a veneer as glossy and perfectly erotic as this, so don’t wait – browse Anastasia Pierce Productions streaming movies now (many in HD!).


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