June Vixen Angel: Angela White

Over the weekend Angela White was announced as the June Vixen Angel. Greg Lansky and Vixen Angel of the Year, Kendra Sunderland streamed the announcement live on Instagram. “I am thrilled and honored to be named the newest Vixen Angel,” White said. “The Vixen brand is synonymous with beauty and quality and I am so proud to join the ranks of such strong and sophisticated women. Greg Lansky is really incredible to work with; his vision and passion are second to none. Greg elevates those around him and I cannot thank him enough for inspiring me and encouraging me from the very beginning of my journey in the Los Angeles adult film industry.” Like all of the previous Vixen Angel’s, Angela will be awarded with a pair of custom Vixen Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace and custom Vixen lingerie sets.

Greg said, “I remember the first time I met Angela like it was yesterday. I could tell right away she was very passionate about her work and I love to see that. Crowning her the newest Vixen Angel is truly exciting for us. Aside from her unique beauty and curves, Angela is one of the most inspiring women in the adult industry. She’s an exceptional addition to our amazing roster of Vixen Angels and we’re extremely proud to support her.”

Stay tuned to Adult Empire for more from Angela and Vixen!

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