Vivid porn videos

Studio Movie Spotlight: Vivid on DVD

Vivid is a global brand with prestige and history in the business on a par with famous legacy names like Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler. The company has mastered PR and name recognition as thoroughly as it has the art of high-class erotica. With a lineage that stretches all the way back to 1984, they boast […]

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Porn Movie Review: ‘The Babysitter Vol. 4’

Today I am taking a look at The Babysitter Vol. 4 because I caught one of the scenes during one of the weekend scene sales and wanted to take a look at the whole movie. The scene featured Natasha Nice and I was impressed with her passion during the scene and learned she gets two […]

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Sneaky Sex 18 porn video

Porn Movie Review: ‘Sneaky Sex 18’

It’s hard to see a title like Sneaky Sex and not instantly think of slinking, sly music like “The Pink Panther Theme.” The ferocity of a predatory cat is an accurate representation of the sexual hungers of the cast members, too, who are so damned horny they get busy in public spaces like bars, the […]

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2014 AVN Award Winners

Quick Recap: 2014 AVN Award Winners

“I didn’t expect it to be like a large-scale show, but it certainly was. Between the red carpet, awards presentation, and electric atmosphere, The AVN Awards can certainly hold their own with any other major awards show out there.” (A fan writes about their experience at an AVN show) . . Performers Awards Female Performer […]

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Wicked Passions porn videos

Wicked’s Passions & Instructional Series Make for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, we all crave a little romance. Even the most cynical, emotionally stoic among us would admit that there’s something magical about a classy restaurant, chocolates, mood music, and quiet and tender moments with the one you most love. This is particularly true when such moments lead to a night of incredible intimacy. There are […]

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Bestselling Videos

Hot Prebooks: Pre-Order Upcoming Blockbusters Now!

These days, blockbuster season starts in late April and doesn’t ebb until Labor Day. But Hollywood hasn’t cornered the market on spectacular summer entertainment . . . porn has plenty of high-gloss fun coming your way, too! Check out some of the hottest upcoming blockbuster releases and preorder them today.   Voracious: Season Two Episodes […]

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