Sheena Shaw and John Stagliano discuss "Gooner School.'

Sheena Shaw & John Stagliano Talk ‘Gooner School’

“It’s edging on steroids (metaphorically).” That’s how Medium described “gooning,” a porn theme that has its biggest showcase yet thanks to a new six-scene video from Evil Angel, Gooner School. Edging itself is the practice of repeatedly stopping oneself just shot of orgasm. Gooning takes such delayed gratification to an obsessive, intense, dominant new level. […]

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Pornstar Lena Moon strikes a pose.

Lena Moon Interview: The Sky’s the Limit

The stars aligned for Lena Moon. By her own admission, she did not embark on her porn career with a clear-cut goal of adult stardom, as some performers do. Circumstance brought her to the industry, but it was a place where she finally found acceptance in a “loving and supportive community.” In this new Adult […]

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Pornstar Kendra Lynn strikes a pose.

Kendra Lynn Interview: Work Hard, Play Hard

In a state best known for making hoop dreams come true, Kendra Lynn is a slam dunk. This Indiana-born beauty prides herself on a Midwestern work ethic that has taken her from small-town roots to the glamour of Porn Valley. In a new Adult Empire Blog interview, Lynn discusses her upbringing, her collaborations with Private […]

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Olivia Jay stars in an Adam & Eve porn video.

Olivia Jay Interview: Never Settle

In some ways, Olivia Jay‘s journey to the porn was an unlikely one. Raised in a religious household, she kept her sexual side repressed and hidden until dancing helped her open up. She’s now hitting full stride as a top porn performer, with notable recent shoots for Vixen, Adam & Eve, and other major companies. […]

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Sex therapist Rachel Wright poses in an official publicity photo.

Podcast: Interview With Sex Therapist & Author Rachel Wright

Author and sex therapist Rachel Wright helps scores of clients and readers discover, contemplate, explore, and accept their sexual selves. Her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, The Huffington Post, and many other notable publications. She has also candidly discussed her own explorations of polyamory to educate audiences on the biggest misconceptions about open […]

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Pornstar Briana Banderas strikes a pose.

Briana Banderas Interview: Flexible Fun, Life With Marco & More

[Editor’s note, September 2023: Briana Banderas is now known as Briana Moon.] Briana Banderas will bend over backwards to suck a dick. Literally. It may sound like a circus act, but Banderas’s fabulous flexibility never loses its exciting, erotic edge even when she is twisting herself into startling positions. It’s one of numerous skills that […]

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Director Shine Louise Houston poses in a publicity photo.

Shine Louise Houston Interview

Founding producer and director of Pink and White Productions, Shine Louise Houston recognized early on that there was a growing demand for alternatives to mainstream porn and set out to create movies that queer people, as well as women of color, could relate to. As a self proclaimed voyeur, her content focuses on inclusivity, diversity, […]

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CJ Love discusses his porn studio.

CJ Love Interview: The Man Behind Real Life XXX

In the end, porn is just good, old-fashioned entertainment. Sure, it may have a very specific purpose (pleasure), one that sometimes gets lost in a sea of endless conversations about its moral implications, but porn really just wants to show you a good time. This sense of showmanship, with a modern social-media sensibility, is something […]

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