Kelly Madison pornstar with football

Sex and Football’s Biggest Game

Editor’s note: this archival post originally appeared on the Adult Empire Blog in January 2015. It’s almost Super Sunday! And if there’s one thing Americans love as much as sex, it’s football. There’s been plenty of overlap of gridiron glory and the steamy side of life over the years, from provocative commercials to off-field escapades […]

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The Six Weirdest Sexually Suggestive Infomercials

As absurd as they typically are, infomercials are oddly hypnotic and sometimes compulsively watchable. They’re also often downright weird, loaded with bizarre dramatized scenes, outlandish hosts, excessively enthusiastic endorsements . . . and sexually suggestive products and sequences. Sex sells, after all, and that’s one thing infomercials never seem to forget, even if the results […]

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A Look Back at 2016 in Porn & Sex

2016 has been an incredible, almost unbelievable year, for reasons both good and bad. How did it shape up when it came to porn and sex? We offer our yearly retrospective of both, as seen through the eyes of the Adult Empire Blog. January 1/12: The Playboy mansion is put up for sale. 1/15: Former […]

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